Grace Kelly’s white skirt that is back in trend

Grace Kelly She was a trendsetter within the principality of Monaco, but she already had a much admired style since she took her first steps in Hollywood. She could thus be seen in her successful mystery movie Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock, where she wore an incredible White skirt that became a trend again and … Read more

A squadron of French Army fighter jets flew over Cannes in honor of Tom Cruise

A squadron of French Army fighter jets flew over Cannes scaled

Cannes Film Festival General Delegate Thierry Fremaux and the cast of “Top Gun: Maverick” Tom Cruise, Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller, Jon Hamm, Glen Powell, Lewis Pullman, Jay Ellis, Danny Ramirez, Greg Tarzan Davis, the producer Jerry Bruckheimer and screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie pose at the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival (Reuters) Eight aircraft of … Read more

The movie roles that Johnny Depp lost after the accusations of Amber Heard

As he struggles to regain his image, Johnny Depp add again new jobs on the big screen. In this opportunity, we tell you what are some of the film roles that were frustrated due to the accusations he received from Amber Heard and the controversy that both have been involved in for years. Do not … Read more

The prequel to “The Hunger Games” chose the actor who will give life to the young Snow

The prequel to The Hunger Games chose the actor who

President Snow’s past will be addressed in an upcoming film based on Suzanne Collins’ latest book. (Lionsgate) Coriolanus Snow He was one of the most hated faces in the franchise. The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games) for his ruthless personality as the president of Panem, but this time the cinema intends to portray his origins … Read more

“She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” has a new trailer and release date

She Hulk Attorney at Law has a new trailer and release

Posted at 18:38 ET (22:38 GMT) Wednesday, May 18, 2022 playing 1:00 Posted at 22:42 ET (02:42 GMT) Wednesday, May 18, 2022 2:04 Posted at 21:51 ET (01:51 GMT) Wednesday, May 18, 2022 0:47 Posted at 19:59 ET (23:59 GMT) Wednesday, May 18, 2022 Posted at 19:26 ET (23:26 GMT) Wednesday, May 18, 2022 3:43 … Read more

What we know about the future of Star Wars in film and television

Image: Disney / Lucas film. It’s been three years since the last movie starwars, and the landscape has changed a lot for the future of the saga at Lucasfilm. After a tumultuous trilogy with an ending worth forgetting, the franchise from the galaxy far, far away has focused on television, at least for now. But … Read more

Vicente Fernández would have fallen in love with a beautiful vedette from the file theater; this PHOTO would be the proof

The entertainment guild dressed in black after it became known that on December 12, one of the idols of the musical world in Mexico lost his life, and it is about Vicente Fernandez. It is precisely under the furor around the singer that he has recently drawn attention that fans of the famous interpreter of … Read more

“Stranger Things”: the movies that the creators of the series recommend to their fans

Stranger Things the movies that the creators of the series

Since its premiere in 2016, “stranger things” has become a cult series. Hundreds of parodies, fan illustrations; as well as countless reactions on the internet show that there is an audience willing to immerse themselves in the eighties. With three seasons that can be devoured in a weekend and a final installment about to see … Read more

The SPOOKY movie is on HBO Max; raised $45 million |TRAILER

Users in search of entertainment wonder what they can see on the various streaming platforms that exist today, where you can find a wide variety of movies and series of various themes and genres. In this sense, one of the users’ favorite platforms is HBO Max, which has recently established itself as a success factory … Read more