Netflix: the fabulous animated film about a boy who makes an amazing journey in search of his sister

Netflix the fabulous animated film about a boy who makes

Netflix premiered on Friday, March 17, an animated film with a clear message that extraordinary things can come true if you believe in them. Its titled The magician’s elephant and its narrative approach is very powerful. It is for all ages and is already among the ten most watched on Netflix. Peter is an orphan … Read more

Premieres (March 22): 36 series, movies and documentaries on Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon, Disney+, Filmin, Movistar Plus and Apple TV+

Premieres March 22 36 series movies and documentaries on

First Wednesday of spring and what better than celebrating the equinox by watching some of the premieres that arrive this week on streaming platforms. On this occasion we count 36 series, movies and documentaries that arrive from today to NetflixHBO Max, Prime Video, Filmin, Movistar Plus+, Disney+ and AppleTV+. ‘The Night Agent’ (The Night Agent) … Read more

Victoria Alonso deja Marvel Studios tras 17 años y ser el gran centro de las críticas en las últimas películas

Fin de una era para Marvel Studios. Victoria Alonso ha abandonado la disciplina de la compañía tras trabajar en ella desde 2006 y haber desempeñado el rol de vicepresidenta de efectos visuales y posproducción. 17 años de trayectoria que también ha compaginado siendo coproductora de proyectos como Iron Man, Thor y Capitán América: El Primer … Read more

Michelle Rodríguez talks about the new villain of Fast and Furious 10 played by Jason Momoa

Michelle Rodriguez talks about the new villain of Fast and

The fans of Fast and furious keep an eye on the calendar, since in May the engines will roar with fast and furious 10. The action and high-speed franchise with its next installment adds new faces, one of them is that of Jason Momoawho will put himself in the shoes of the villain, a man … Read more

Tom Cruise has already been able to see ‘The Flash’, and as soon as he finished he had to call his director to tell him a couple of things

Tom Cruise has already been able to see The Flash

There is no doubt that, after the setback of ‘Black Adam’ and ‘Shazam! The fury of the gods’, DC needs to start building interest in ‘The Flash’ now, so the movie doesn’t hit the box office. The film, which seemed cursed after the fall from grace of Ezra Miller, seems to be getting off the … Read more

The bond that forged the ‘courtship’ of Melanie Griffith and Jamie Lee Curtis

The bond that forged the courtship of Melanie Griffith and

Misunderstood or not, the truth is that Melanie Griffith (65) surprised his entire entourage of fans on March 9 with a post on her Instagram posing with Jamie Lee Curtis (64), another of the best-known faces in Hollywood. Although it is well known that the two have maintained a very good relationship for several decades, … Read more

Lo que sabemos sobre “Strange Way of Life”, la nueva película de Pedro Pascal y Ethan Hawke

Lo que sabemos sobre Strange Way of Life la nueva

En los últimos años, Pedro Pascal se ha convertido en uno de los actores más cotizados de Hollywood, demostrando su capacidad al interpretar personajes en producciones como “Buffy, la cazavampiros”, “The Mandalorian”, “Wonder Woman 1984″, “The Last of Us”, entre otros, además de confirmarse que será protagonista en “Strange Way of Life”, la nueva cinta … Read more