It seems that Ezra Miller’s mental health is hanging by a thread

It seems that Ezra Millers mental health is hanging by

Ezra Miller has admitted that his mental health is dire (Photo by ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images) Sometimes, as in the case of Ezra Miller, it seems that the arrival of world fame and the loss of mental health go hand in hand. The actor does not stop starring in controversies that, in addition, endanger … Read more

Ezra Miller demanded Susan Sarandon pay tribute to him at an altar in The Flash | tomatoes

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The last two years have been really scandalous for Ezra Miller, Hollywood star who has been involved in plenty of troublesome episodes, damaging his reputation and most likely forever ruining his career in the DC Extended Universe. Via Vanity Fair it is reported that Miller added another controversy to his extensive list when on one … Read more

Warner has expunged Ezra Miller’s criminal history

Warner has expunged Ezra Millers criminal history

The year started with Ezra Miller being arrested in Hawaii for a aggressive behavior, disturbing public order with his attitude and generating a certain chaos in different places and hotels. The matter evolved into a behavior violent and aggressive, with different accusations and denunciations of abuse popping up every few days. Miller and his destructive … Read more

They reveal alleged RULES and abuses of the SECT of the actor Ezra Miller

american actor Ezra Miller remains the target of controversy after an article made strong revelations about the alleged rules and abuses that exist in the alleged sect commanded by the histrion, the statements reopen the debate about his participation in the DC Comics movie, ‘Flash‘, where he will have the leading role despite the constant … Read more

The conditions that Ezra Miller received from Warner Bros. after criminal scandals

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Ezra Miller was in the eye of the hurricane after his history of controversial criminal episodes that include assault, harassment, theft of private property and more. The promise of ‘The Flash’ dissipated his achievements after the scandals that continue to be filed in the media. After becoming the main suspect in the disappearance of a … Read more

Ezra Miller: from promising Hollywood actor to fugitive from justice

Ezra Miller from promising Hollywood actor to fugitive from justice

During the last year, the American actor Ezra Miller has been talking about his irrational behavior, which has led him to be in the eye of the media hurricane after obtaining an impeccable career in the world of cinema. The last few years have been turbulent for American actor Ezra Miller. He was involved in … Read more

Ezra Miller: Missing 4 people who lived with the actor

Ezra Miller Missing 4 people who lived with the actor

Warner Bros. Pictures They have reported the disappearance of four people who lived with the actor Ezra Miller, accused of various crimes in the State of Vermont. Police are looking for a 25-year-old mother and her three young children. This family had been living on the farm of Ezra Miller, located in the US state … Read more

DC announces changes in The Flash after the crimes of Ezra Miller

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The criminal situation of Ezra Miller is complicating the production of The Flash. However, today DC announces good news about the film. what’s going on with Ezra Miller I would give for a movie. The last hour of the actor is always one more hour. However, it seems that Flash has gotten rid of the … Read more

The Flash: Ezra Miller shot new scenes in the middle of his latest scandals

The Flash Ezra Miller shot new scenes in the middle

Ezra Miller has been involved in the most outlandish and bizarre incidents in the last few months of how many we have seen be committed by a recent Hollywood star. The actor, accused of Stole and breaking and enteringIt has been seen wandering with Firearms on the way to his farm, a suspected illegal distribution … Read more

Ezra Miller, actor of ‘The Flash’, accused of breaking into a house and stealing alcohol

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Ezra Miller adds another crime to his long list. The actor, who plays The Flash in the movies of the DC universe, has been denounced for breaking into a house. According to the police report, collected by the magazine Variety, Vermont State Police (USA) were notified of a report of a burglary at a residence … Read more