Armageddon Trailer: The Flash, Green Arrow and Black Lighting Team Up to Save Earth in Crossover

Armageddon Trailer The Flash Green Arrow and Black Lighting Team

MADRID, Oct 20 (CulturaOcio) – The CW premieres on November 16 Armageddon, a five-episode event that is part of the eighth season of The Flash. The sprinter will not be alone, as he will coincide with other heroes such as Green Arrow y Black Lighting to defeat Despero. “I’ve come a long way to find … Read more

Scarlett Johnasson’s most iconic scene as Black Widow in Marvel

Scarlett Johnassons most iconic scene as Black Widow in Marvel

All the actors who, at some point, went through Marvel they were catapulted to international fame. And, without a doubt, Scarlett Johansson is one of them. The actress, who although she already had an admirable career before the MCU, met resounding success thanks to her role as Black Widow. In fact, his character was one … Read more

Dwayne Johson makes it clear that Black Adam could beat Superman and explains how

Dwayne Johson makes it clear that Black Adam could beat

After watching the first teaser trailer for Black Adam, One thing was very clear to us: this character is going to give a lot of war and will probably change the rules of the game. Dwayne Johson appeared in the past DC FanDome 2021 characterized for the first time as the character created by Otto … Read more

Marvel fixes worst of Black Widow movie villain

1626428328 Reason why Marvel Studios changed the origin of Taskmaster

Share0 Taskmaster is a beloved villain from Marvel comics whose origin was greatly changed in the movie Black Widow (2021). Marvel comic SPOILERS warning Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 31 by Saladin Ahmed, Christopher Allen and Guru-eFX. In this history Taskmaster he is well represented because he precisely does something that has made him a very … Read more

Resumen de la DC Fandome – Todos los trailers y sorpresas – The Batman, The Flash, Black Adam, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, El Pacificador… – Sala de Peligro

1634471228 Resumen de la DC Fandome – Todos los trailers y

La DC Fandome ha dejado con muchas novedades. La DC Fandome de este año ha finalizado hace escasas horas. Y parece que no ha tenido tanta pegada como la del año pasado, a juzgar las reacciones (en general). Aunque lo que no se puede negar es que ha dejado tras de sí … Read more

“A black man created today’s world of superheroes, that’s the truth.” ‘Blade’ reboot director vindicates Wesley Snipes legacy

A black man created todays world of superheroes thats the

There is still no date for the premiere but, since Mahershala Ali was presented as the new Blade, there is much expectation to see the return of the popular marvel vampire. Bassam Tariq is the director chosen to carry out the reboot and in a recent interview he wanted to make it clear that he feels admiration for the work he did Wesley Snipes and they will not ignore it.

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Beyoncé and Jane Fonda agreed on the look: black and white outfits

1634395240 Beyonce and Jane Fonda agreed on the look black and

Black and white never go out of style and famous Hollywood they know it very well. Besides being a mix of totally timeless dyes, this combination is a great ally of elegance and distinction. Beyoncé, one of the greatest figures in the world of music, opted to wear a black and white wardrobe and imposed … Read more

Eternals surpasses Shang-Chi and Black Widow in ticket presale | Tomatazos

Eternals surpasses Shang Chi and Black Widow in ticket presale

Eternals It has become one of the most anticipated films of 2021 and fans are already proving it with the massive purchase of tickets. The new tape by Chloe Zhao has a great chance of becoming the highest grossing of the year, even more than Black Widow – 87% and Shang-Chi and the legend of … Read more

Francisca Lachapel’s black corset causes a sensation: it looks phenomenal

Francisca Lachapels black corset causes a sensation it looks phenomenal

Francisca Lachapel is ready to conquer the world. The conductor of Wake up America it has been demonstrated in essence with its loyal fans. Those who have seen her in many ways, with or without makeup. With a more natural or produced beauty. Pregnant and now happy with her baby in her arms. And they … Read more

Letitia Wright is causing trouble on the set of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Marvel Studios could fire a major actress from Black Panther

Actress Letitia Wright plays Shuri in the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe and we will see her again in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022). Currently Marvel Studios is running Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, the long-awaited sequel to the 2018 hit, and reports come from the shoot about the attitude of Letitia Wright against COVID-19 vaccines. She … Read more