Chef José Andrés Hosts Jamie Lee Curtis, Bryan Cranston & O’Shea Jackson Jr. In New Special

Chef Jose Andres Hosts Jamie Lee Curtis Bryan Cranston

James Beard Award winner, humanitarian and philanthropist José Andrés has a new half-hour special, Dinner Party Diaries with José Andrés, coming to Prime Video on March 19, 2024. The Prime Video and Amazon Freevee collaboration celebrates the joy of cooking together and how food is a source of hope, inspired by Andrés’ work with the … Read more

Habla Jamie Lee Curtis sobre la huelga de actores: ‘El streaming desvaneció las ideas tradicionales’

Habla Jamie Lee Curtis sobre la huelga de actores ‘El

La ausencia de famosos en Comic Con fue evidente, por la huelga de actores de Hollywood. William Shatner suspendió la presentación en vivo del documental sobre su vida y mostraron el nuevo traje de Aquaman sin Aquaman Jason Mamoa, además de anunciar The Marvels femeninas sin The Marvels femeninas Brie Larson, Iman Vellani y Teyonah … Read more

Why was Jamie Lee Curtis at San Diego Comic-Con this Friday? (Pictures)

Why was Jamie Lee Curtis at San Diego Comic Con this

Comic-Con is really crazy! We explain why and we reveal to you what Jamie Lee Curtis came to do there this Friday. Off to San Diego… Jamie Lee Curtis introduced her new baby, so different from the others, but perfect for Comic-Con! – J-Ph. D. Published on 07/22/2023 at 11:20 By Jean-Philippe Darquenne ForCinema-TV-Review Unimaginable! … Read more

Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis will act together again in Freaky Friday 2

Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis will act together again

The actresses will once again get into the role of Dr. Tess Coleman and Anna Coleman for the Disney film, 20 years later. If we talk about movies, in this case actresses, that became iconic in the 2000s, the names of Hillary Duff, Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan should be more than mentioned, especially the … Read more

Some Like It Hot: This Funny Experience Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis Had Before Dressing Up for the Movie

Some Like It Hot This Funny Experience Jack Lemmon and

On, Jack Lemmon, a life of cinema, looks back on the career of this emblematic actor of the 20th century, star of Irma la Douce and Some like it hot, with Marilyn Monroe. A cult film in which we discover the amazing backstage… ARTE Jack Lemmon, a cinema life, is broadcast this April 24, … Read more

Melanie Griffith and Jamie Lee Curtis, the story of a great friendship of 40 years

Melanie Griffith and Jamie Lee Curtis the story of a

The expression “my girlfriend”, which Melanie Griffith wrote a few weeks ago on her Instagram to refer to Jamie Lee Curtis, raised a certain stir in the Spanish networks about a possible coming out of the closet of these two veteran actresses. The first meaning in the dictionary of the word girlfriend is effectively “girlfriend” … Read more

Jamie Lee Curtis, the queen of youth horror who won her first Oscar in 2023 | People | Entertainment

Jamie Lee Curtis the queen of youth horror who won

Baroness Haden-Guest won her first Oscar. She has been married since 1984 to screenwriter and composer Christopher Guest, the 64-year-old actress holds that title of nobility on a personal levelalthough professionally he kept his original name intact throughout his prolific career: Jamie Lee Curtis. However, on Sunday, March 12, Curtis achieved the title he probably … Read more

Oscars 2023: Jamie Lee Curtis, daughter of legendary actors Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, finally wins her Oscar

Meta continues its expansion across Web 30 with the announcement

Daughter of two legendary actors, Jamie Lee Curtis is part of Hollywood royalty and had long established herself as an essential actress, as comfortable in horror cinema as in full striptease. But he was still missing an Oscar. • Read also: 40 years later Indiana Jones, the moving and spectacular return of Oscar winner Ke … Read more

The bond that forged the ‘courtship’ of Melanie Griffith and Jamie Lee Curtis

The bond that forged the courtship of Melanie Griffith and

Misunderstood or not, the truth is that Melanie Griffith (65) surprised his entire entourage of fans on March 9 with a post on her Instagram posing with Jamie Lee Curtis (64), another of the best-known faces in Hollywood. Although it is well known that the two have maintained a very good relationship for several decades, … Read more