Despite everything, this is how Ben Affleck defended Zack Snyder

Despite everything this is how Ben Affleck defended Zack Snyder

Although Ben Affleck charged everything against the DC Extended Universe, the actor was fair and also defended the work of Zack Snyder. This he said. The controversial statements of Ben Affleck recently given to The Hollywood Reporter have made an impact. The actor referred to his upcoming projects, but it was not possible to avoid … Read more

“Fuck you all”: Zack Snyder fans trending topic #FireJamesGunn after learning about the future of the DC Universe

Fuck you all Zack Snyder fans trending topic FireJamesGunn after

There are people who do not like to change their habits: coffee always with saccharin, undercooked hamburgers, the DC universe only with Zack Snyder. And if they can’t have it their way, they get angry. We all know that in its day the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement got The director’s cut of ‘Justice League’ came to light … Read more

“Rebel Moon”, the new Zack Snyder movie, has new images and a release date

1674133858 Rebel Moon the new Zack Snyder movie has new images

The story takes place in a peaceful place on the border of a distant galaxy. The former colony will have to face a threat from the tyrannical Balisarius. The residents send a young biker named Kora to join the battle. (Netflix) Netflix released the advances of some of the productions that it will premiere during … Read more

All of Zack Snyder’s cinema draws from the same place: this epic adventure film from the 80s is his main source of inspiration (and he has copied it many times)

All of Zack Snyders cinema draws from the same place

It is inevitable to drag the tastes or influences that have impacted you the most in the formative years, those where the brain is more receptive and releasing more hormones that later emerge with the memory or recovery of those tastes and influences. Not even artists escape trying continuously pursue that cinematographic holy grail that … Read more

The best MEMES on networks left by Zack Efron’s NEW look for ‘The Iron Claw’

Returning to the movies this 2022, after suffering the accident that caused him to undergo an operation since he landed with his chin on a granite fountain. Zack Efron is better than ever to bring to life The Iron Clawhowever, after announcing the new look to bring this character to life, Zac has been the … Read more

Zack de la Rocha (RATM)’s latest collaboration sounds more furious than ever: listen to “Irreversible Damage”

Meta continues its expansion across Web 30 with the announcement

As reported Louder Soundthe singer of Rage Against the Machine, Zack de la Rochahas appeared on the single “Irreversible Damage”, the new from the Anglo-American post punk band Algiers. The theme is the first preview of ‘shook‘, which will be the fourth album by the group located in Atlanta, Georgia, which also has Matt Tong, … Read more

Black Adam: Critic Reactions Say It’s Great and Looks Like It Was Made by Zack Snyder | tomatoes

Christian Bale reveals the two great Marvel cameos that were

Black Adam, a film based on the eponymous character from DC Comics, will arrive in theaters very soon and the first reactions from critics have already begun to appear. Produced by DC Films and distributed by Warner Bros., the film is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and has a script written by Adam Sztykiel , roy … Read more

Warner Regrets Zack Snyder’s Justice League ‘Snyder Cut’

Warner Regrets Zack Snyders Justice League Snyder Cut

Warner Bros Discovery It is undergoing a restructuring in which several of its projects and structures are yet to be defined. The most immediate example may be the cancellation of several films, including batgirlor the uncertainty with Ezra Miller and the next movie about Flash. Added to this is another open debate, also linked to … Read more