After having lost place with Ghostface, this film returned to the top of the box office

After having lost place with Ghostface this film returned to

Last week the fifth delivery of Scream was in charge of removing from the first place of the box office the 2021 tank by Marvel Studios, Spider-Man: No Way Home. Now the situation has reversed, since Spidey used his arachnid abilities to once again climb to first place.. The third movie of the wall-crawler in … Read more

Alors qu’il n’est plus le favori de tous, Johnny Depp se glisse dans la peau de Louis XV dans le film “La Favorite”.

Alors quil nest plus le favori de tous Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp Mis à jour par Romaincharp10 le 22 janvier 2022 à 13h56. Crédits : Satellifacts Johnny Depp nous surprendra toujours. L’acteur légendaire d’Hollywood prêtera cette fois ses traits au roi Louis XV dans La Favorite, réalisé par Maïwenn. L’acteur américain sera le nouveau locataire de Versailles l’été prochain pour le début du tournage. Un divorce … Read more

Munich on the eve of a war: how true are the events narrated in the film

Munich on the eve of a war how true are

Period films are one of the strong points of Netflix. The platform has a large number of series and movies of this genre that is very popular among subscribers of the service. That is why it is not surprising that the recent war drama premiered days ago is already among the top positions of the … Read more

After Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot will play in the remake of an Alfred Hitchcock film

After Wonder Woman Gal Gadot will play in the remake

The actress of Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, is about to set up a project to remake an Alfred Hitchcock classic. After starting out in modeling, Gal Gadot began her acting career with the fourth part of the saga Fast & Furious. She chained three sequels, shot with James Mangold and in the film Triple 9 … Read more

“The Tragedy of Macbeth” with Denzel Washington: Is it the best film about Shakespeare’s classic?

1642929823 The Tragedy of Macbeth with Denzel Washington Is it the

According to the criteria of Know more The first thing that jumped out at you with the announcement that Denzel Washington would be Macbeth in a new adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic was his skin color. But the racial issue is simply secondary, as the actor himself has warned. “We should live in a place where … Read more

Adult film star Mia Malkova runs away from the castle she moved into a year ago

Adult film star Mia Malkova runs away from the castle

Mia Malkova bought the majestic castle to fulfill her fantasies. Foto: Ethan Mille / Getty Images Californian actress Mia Malkova, 29 years old and who is famous for her role in adult films, he fled from the imposing castle he moved to just a year ago in the city of Portland, Oregon, given his desire … Read more

Ryan Gosling was fired from this film for being fat!; we tell you the embarrassing episode of the actor

Ryan Gosling was fired from this film for being fat

Ryan Gosling He has shown that he has the makings of an actor, director and producer, however, like many, at the beginning of his career he was a bit dim, especially when he was fired for one of the least expected reasons: being fat! Despite the fact that the event occurred in 2007, the actor … Read more

The Argentine film chosen as the best horror movie of 2021 and that you can see on Netflix

The Argentine film chosen as the best horror movie of

Letterboxd, the film rating and review application, has released its top of the best of 2021 and users worldwide were surprised that the horror movie best rated was nothing more and nothing less than an Argentine film. The movie of Christian Ponce He achieved an average of 3.8 out of 5 and thus secured his … Read more

After The Batman, Robert Pattinson could star in a SF film by Bong Joon-ho (Parasite)

After The Batman Robert Pattinson could star in a SF

After donning the Batman cape, actor Robert Pattinson is set to stay at Warner to star in director Bong Joon-ho’s upcoming sci-fi flick. If cinephiles had their filmography in mind long before he marked the history of the Oscars with the brilliant Parasite, the coronation of South Korean director Bong Joon-ho gave him even more … Read more