Aaron Carter’s controversial memoirs: from Hilary Duff’s virginity to the night with Michael Jackson

Aaron Carters controversial memoirs from Hilary Duffs virginity to the

Since the lifeless body of Aaron Carter At his home in Lancaster, United States, the media focus is on the tragic death of the singer. While waiting for the forensic report to determine the causes of death, everything indicates that Nick Carter’s little brother drowned in the bathtub after inhale compressed aira substance to which … Read more

Who is Clara Cava, the artist who received the thank you card from Coldplay | Telonera for one night

Anuel AA ended up on the floor in the middle

Lto singer Clara Cava craft of youelonera “emergency” in the show of Coldplay on Wednesday, when Zoe Gotusso, who opens every night at the River Stadium, had to get off due to an unexpected sore throat that prevented him from performing. For this reason, the band summoned Clara, who had her unexpected moment on the … Read more

Franz Ferdinand in Madrid: a night of infallible hits – Revista Ladosis

Franz Ferdinand in Madrid a night of infallible hits

Photo: Oscar Ribas T The Scottish band offered a seamless concert as part of the Hits to The Head tour, a kind of turning point in their career Franz FerdinandConcert at Wizink Center, Madrid (October 26, 2022) There are infallible musical formulas. One of them is that of Franz Ferdinand. The Scottish band has been … Read more

Tom Hanks plays an “Ibicencan” monster in the latest episode of Saturday Night Live

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck work together again entering fully

Actor Tom Hanks, winner of two Oscars for his roles in Philadelphia and Forrest Gump, appeared this Saturday morning on one of the longest-running comedy shows on American television, Saturday Night Live, playing the “monster” David S. Pumpkins (translatable as David Calabazas) in the program that is broadcast just the week of Halloween, which includes … Read more

The seven ‘scary’ scenarios for Almería’s Night in Black

Spirits and ghosts, and everything from beyond that can be related to the paranormal, will invade the darkest night of the year, wishing to return to the streets of Almería capital, after two years in which these beings, like the souls, have waiting for free times from the really terrifying pandemic. They are already on … Read more

“Last night”: the keys to the English film that portrays the arrival of the end of the world

Last night the keys to the English film that portrays scaled

The end of the world without zombies, natural disasters or catastrophic destruction. Last night (Silent Night, its original title that refers to the Christmas carol song) is the film by Camille Griffin that won the award for best screenplay at the 2021 Sitges Film Festival, is available on Netflix. The proposal is very original since … Read more

30 days of night: why Josh Hartnett has long been away from Hollywood? – CineSeries

30 days of night why Josh Hartnett has long been

At the end of the 2000s, “30 Days of Night” was the last notable film in which Josh Hartnett appeared in the cinema. The actor is then discreet, in particular because he has trouble managing fame but also because some of his refusals have earned him a sidelining from the major Hollywood studios. 30 days … Read more

What to see from Jamie Lee Curtis: an impeccable police thriller that could be the unofficial sequel to ‘Halloween night’

What to see from Jamie Lee Curtis an impeccable police

The connections between certain films are sometimes accidental and unforeseen. Sometimes they are not even connections, they are just certain elements that take you to a certain part and they unexpectedly converse in an interesting way, even though they play different things. It is the power of the viewer’s mind that truly gives meaning and … Read more

‘One year, one night’: the theme is strong, its development less

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck work together again entering fully

There are victims of terrorism who survived and had the courage, or the need or the therapy, to put into words the unimaginable horror they suffered, the attempt to recover a certain normality, the harassment of memories as sticky as they are lacerating, testimonies of their inner tear and Exterior. French journalist Philippe Lançon managed … Read more