“The songs keep playing, but it’s hard for us to get together”: Nacho Cano, at 60, comes out of the shadows to talk about the addictions that surrounded him at his best and clarifies everything about the return of Mecano | People | Entertainment

The songs keep playing but its hard for us to

Ignacio Cano, better known as Nacho Cano and one of the members of the iconic 80’s group, Mecano, returns to the fore in a recent interview with Bertin Osborne for his program “Mi casa es la tuya”, broadcast by the Spanish channel Telecinco. “I only talk about the beautiful”: ex-vocalist of Mecano gives his opinion … Read more

“I would have had a different career if people had seen it…” This SF nugget was a box office failure, yet it is one of Chris Evans’ best films

I would have had a different career if people had

In 2011, Chris Evans returned to one of the favorite films of his career: an acclaimed box office failure which, according to him, would have given him a completely different career… Chris Evans is one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood today. His fame, he owes it, among other things, to his years spent … Read more

“There were super angry people”: Amparo Noguera on criticism of the end of La ley de Baltazar | TV and show

Metalheads celebrate Ghost announces massive concert in Chile and Manowar

BioBioTV | mega catch visits The actress spoke for the first time after the end of the popular Mega soap opera. Regarding her opinion regarding the death of Baltazar, the artist stated that it was something that had to happen. The national actress and protagonist of the Mega teleseries, Baltazar’s law, Amparo Nogueratalked with BioBioTV … Read more

Erin Murphy, the baby who played little Tabitha in “Bewitched”: the beautiful and attractive 58-year-old blonde is the mother of six children and did not want more roles on television | People | Entertainment

Erin Murphy the baby who played little Tabitha in Bewitched

Those born in the 70s surely remember “Bewitched”, the iconic American television series in which Darrin Stephens (Dick York) falls in love with Samantha, a beautiful and sweet young woman who, after they are married, confesses that she is a witch. The sad story of “Bewitched”: The successful television series of the 60s that began … Read more

A night full of rubber bands: this is how Alejandro Sanz reacted to the storm that fell on his concert in Guayaquil | People | Entertainment

A night full of rubber bands this is how Alejandro

At 9:00 p.m., a party was held at the Modelo Alberto Spencer stadium, almost full of not only Guayaquil residents but also fans from all over the world who traveled to the Ecuadorian coast on the night of April 22 to see Alexander Sanz. let me kiss you It was the song that made the … Read more

Rosalinda Serfaty, the remembered actress of “La Revancha” and “Mundo de Fieras”: at 57 she remains beautiful, leading a full life in Miami, away from television and enjoying her grandchildren | People | Entertainment

Rosalinda Serfaty the remembered actress of La Revancha and Mundo

Rosalinda Serfaty is about to turn 58, next April 24 and today we show you what the remembered actress of soap operas like “La revancha” and “Mundo de fieras” looks like, which were a boom in the 90s. They are the attractive daughters of Catherine Fulop: Oriana follows in her mother’s footsteps in acting and … Read more

This is how Luis José Santander looks like: The handsome Venezuelan actor who became known in Mexico with the soap opera “Lazos de amor”, is 63 years old and leads a life as a businessman in the United States | People | Entertainment

This is how Luis Jose Santander looks like The handsome

Almost 27 years have passed since the broadcast of “Lazos de amor” ended, the Mexican soap opera that made the Venezuelan heartthrob known Luis Jose Santander on Aztec television despite having started his artistic career at the end of the 80s in his native country. Who sang the theme song for ‘Topaz’? The actor Carlos … Read more

Robin Williams, Ozzy Osbourne and other famous people with Parkinson’s

Robin Williams Ozzy Osbourne and other famous people with Parkinsons

He Parkinson’s It is one of the best-known diseases on the planet, since it has been specially mentioned in various TV shows and filmsIt also affects millions of people, including some celebrities such as robin williams. the disease of Parkinson’s It is a progressive disorder that affects the nervous system and the parts of the … Read more