People baffled by much-loved movie where Olivia Colman floats through the air

People baffled by much loved movie where Olivia Colman floats through

Olivia Colman is one of Britain’s finest actresses of her generation, but one of her past roles has really baffled fans. See what you think: The Karman Line is a short film released in 2014 and which sees the peep show the actor plays a woman who just can’t stop floating. Colman stars as Sarah, … Read more

Bad Bunny: Know how much is the millionaire profit that the Latin king of world tours obtains for each concert | People | Entertainment

the fame of bad bunny transcends borders, Languages and genres, to the point that today the Puerto Rican, who began with the trap music genrefills stadiums worldwide with their tours. And once again it assures its merit, since last week it came to position itself in second place on the “Pollstar” list, where they ranked … Read more

People disgusted as Neil Patrick Harris’ ‘Amy Winehouse cake’ resurfaces

People disgusted as Neil Patrick Harris Amy Winehouse cake resurfaces

People were shocked and disgusted by an ‘Amy Winehouse cake’ at a party Neil Patrick Harris threw more than 10 years ago. Throughout history, there is not one person among us who has not been wrong. But whereas in centuries past misjudgments and embarrassments could be left in the past, in the age of the … Read more

Chris Evans causes euphoria among his fans with before and after photos of his mustache: This is what “Captain America” ​​looks like for a new film | People | Entertainment

Chris Evans It’s one of the actors most valued of this time thanks to his character of “Captain America” ​​in the films from Marvel. And after his successful run playing the superhero, Evans will star this year in the Russo brothers’ new movie, “The Gray Man.” The film is a story of suspense, action and … Read more

Mario Pergolini, businessman: “People are tired of not having stability”

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Fito & Fitipaldis distribute happiness to 15,000 people in a superb concert in Madrid

Fito Fitipaldis distribute happiness to 15000 people in a

Fito Cabrales recklessly throws his guitar into the air Fender Stratocaster white. A technician ties her on the fly in a corner of the stage. No instruments are needed in this final stretch of the concert. The Bilbao native shouldn’t even sing. She does it for him throughout the compound, which she intones: “After a … Read more

“People came to see Father Stu because he was very sincere and brought you closer to God”: beyond the film

Bart Tolleson is a priest friend of Stu Long, the priest who inspired the movie The Miracle of Father Stu, which opens in Spain this weekend. “For a while it looked like the movie wouldn’t make it, but Mark Wahlberg persevered and insisted,” Explain. He thinks that when Walhlberg mentioned it to Mel Gibson and … Read more

Air transport: Young people would be ready to pay 14% more to pollute less

Air transport Young people would be ready to pay 14

A study analyzes the sometimes paradoxical behavior of young people with regard to air transport who are ready to pay more, while affirming that the price remains a priority in the choice of a ticket. Has the Flygskam gone out of fashion? This trend, which literally means ashamed to fly, was born in Sweden in … Read more

Welcome to Eden, the Spanish miniseries that is in the global top of Netflix, is about five young people who are trapped on an island

One of the best bets proposed Netflix in recent times is to discover different productions from different countries. But lately, Spain has been adding success after another, as is the case with welcome to eden the new spanish miniseries Netflix, It premiered 2 days ago and is already in the global top of the platform. … Read more

‘People think I’m Channing Tatum, they even call him by his name during sex’ – Home

ads A dancer has shared his partner’s awkward sexual fantasy thanks to his uncanny resemblance to Magic Mike star Channing Tatum. Welsh hunk Will Parfitt always makes people mistake him for the Hollywood actor, especially when he has a career similar to the actor’s iconic role in Magic Mike. Working as a dancer on the … Read more