Alec Baldwin case: from Brandon Lee to Kill Bill, a review of other accidents and catastrophes on Hollywood sets

Alec Baldwin case from Brandon Lee to Kill Bill a

Despite the tragedy, Hollywood has a long history of accidents on setfrom blank gun incidents to car accidents and chariot racing. Here is a timeline of some high-profile crashes on film sets: 1959 – BEN-HUR While filming the chariot race of the Hollywood epic movie Ben-Hur, starring Charlton Heston, an accident occurs in which a … Read more

Jamie Lee Curtis: “My mother would have interpreted #MeToo as a betrayal of Hollywood”

1635124251 Jamie Lee Curtis My mother would have interpreted MeToo as

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis in ‘Halloween Kills’. The daughter of Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis takes up in ‘Halloween Kills’ the character created by John Carpenter in 1978, who made her queen of terror: “I won the lottery when I was twenty years old” Jamie Lee Curtis (Santa Monica, 1958), daughter of Hollywood legends Janet … Read more

‘Halloween Kills’: Jamie Lee Curtis and 10 things you did not know about the protagonist of the film

1635102321 Halloween Kills Jamie Lee Curtis and 10 things you did

The masked murderer is terrorizing the public in Latin America with ‘Halloween Kills’, so it is time to tell you 10 things you did not know about Jamie Lee Curtis, protagonist of the film and one of the best scream queens of all time. Did you already go to see Halloween Kills? The new installment … Read more

Lee: Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Marion Cotillard in War Photographer Movie | CineChronicle

Lee Kate Winslet Jude Law and Marion Cotillard in War

Kate Winslet, Jude Law et Marion Cotillard – Lee Kate Winslet will play war photographer Lee Miller in Ellen Kuras’ debut film, alongside Jude Law and Marion Cotillard. Shooting begins at the end of summer 2022. Lee Miller – Kate Winslet “This is not a biopic”, announces the actress made famous by Titanic. β€œIt would … Read more

Jamie Lee Curtis, terror of Halloween for four decades – France 24

Published on : 15/10/2021 – 11:48Modified : 15/10/2021 – 11:47 Paris (AFP) We can be the most legendary of horror actresses and tremble like a leaf: Jamie Lee Curtis, icon for 40 years of horror cinema, revealed his secrets before the release of “Halloween Kills”, the last installment of the franchise that made her famous. … Read more

Jamie Lee Curtis presents Ruby, his transgender daughter

Jamie Lee Curtis presents Ruby his transgender daughter

At 25, Jamie Lee Curtis’ daughter was revealed to be transgender. A year later, it was in the columns of People that the actress wanted to confide in Ruby’s journey, and how, as a mother, she managed to support her. It was just over a year ago! Last year, Ruby, the daughter of Jamie Lee … Read more

The plastic surgery that changed the life of actress Jamie Lee Curtis

1634588549 The plastic surgery that changed the life of actress Jamie

(Photo by Marilla Sicilia / Marilla Sicilia Archive / Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images) Jamie Lee Curtis is known for her successful career in Hollywood and the countless characters she has played in films such as Freaky Friday, Prom Night, Halloween and Screem Queens, among many others. While it is true that the actress has … Read more

‘Halloween Kills’: Jamie Lee Curtis confesses that a ‘Ghostbusters’ actor is the best kissing

1634438818 Halloween Kills Jamie Lee Curtis confesses that a Ghostbusters actor

One of the scream queens par excellence, Jamie Lee Curtis, protagonist of ‘Halloween Kills’, revealed that one of the actors of ‘Ghostbusters’ is the best kissing on the screen, who will it be? Sleepless nights and nightmares are back thanks to Halloween Kills, the second installment of the franchise directed by David Gordon Green Which … Read more

Inside the real Halloween horror house where Jamie Lee Curtis was stalked by Mike Myers ahead of new movie release E! News UK

While most of today’s horror movies are set on a movie set, the iconic Halloween original film sees Jamie Lee Curies being stalked by Mike Myers in a real horror house, and one superfan has one. made an actual replica. Le Hillsborough, North Carolina, the replica is the personal residence of horror fan Kenny Caperton, … Read more

‘Halloween Kills’ star Jamie Lee Curtis channels mom Janet Leigh at premiere wearing ‘Psycho’ costume E! News UK

Halloween Kills star Jamie Lee Curtis channels mom Janet Leigh

Jamie Lee Curtis pays homage to his mother. Tuesday the 62-year-old actress appeared at ” Halloween tue Premiere – which was on the theme of costumes – dressed as one of her mother’s iconic characters. The star’s mother, Janet Leigh, was a horror icon in his own right and was perhaps best known for her … Read more