David Harbor reveals his relationship with Millie Bobby Brown outside of Stranger Things

Stranger Things has lasted for four seasons on Netflix screens without dropping a single audience point. Starring Millie Bobby Brown, it is a series set in the 80’s, but it has captivated all generations. May 28, 2023 7:44 p.m. Everything that happens in stranger thingsstays in stranger thingsor at least that’s what most fans of … Read more

David Ellefson explains why the “Rust In Peace” meeting failed. LACUNA COIL premiere their new song. SHACRAM video.

David Ellefson explains why the Rust In Peace meeting failed

David Ellefson explains why the “Rust In Peace” meeting failed – LACUNA COIL release their new song – SHACRAM video Former MEGADETH bassist david ellefson has explained in an interview with Metal Wani why the meeting for the formation of the album “Rust In Peace” did not take place. “Well, it was a bit forced … Read more

“Superman: Legacy”: David Corenswet and Nicholas Hoult could be the new protagonists of the new movie

Superman Legacy David Corenswet and Nicholas Hoult could be the scaled

David Corenswet is the favorite to give life to Superman in the new film that is being prepared. (Reuters/Mario Anzuoni) After the announcement of a new film about the man of steel that will be titled Superman: Legacy, Little by little, details of the process that the long-awaited feature film has been undergoing until now … Read more

HBO dispenses with David Simon, legendary showrunner of ‘The Wire’, in the midst of a writers’ strike: “After 25 years writing for them…”

HBO dispenses with David Simon legendary showrunner of The Wire

As we have been telling you during the last days, the writers’ strike promoted in Hollywood by the WGA is progressively worsening between theories and suspicions that the studios and platforms themselves have fabricated the scenario that has led to the halt in the activity of writers. The AMPTP seems to have no intention of … Read more

“Saint X”: what is this mini-series worth with the daughter of David Duchovny and Téa Leoni?

Saint X what is this mini series worth with the daughter

We expected a lot from this “White Lotus” story revolving around the rape and murder of a young girl, but the result, unnecessarily stretched and confused, disappoints us. But West Duchovny has nothing to do with it! Unlike “Saint X”, the pretty West Duchovny gets away with the honors… – Hulu Published on 04/27/2023 at … Read more

The response of the creator of “Bronca” on the controversial comments of David Choe

The response of the creator of Bronca on the controversial

“Row” (“Beef” in English) has been one of the best Netflix series of this 2023, but the show’s success is clouding the controversy surrounding David Choe, who plays Isaac, the lead’s cousin. The controversy has arisen after users of social networks recalled the unpleasant comments he made about sexual assault. In the TV show, the … Read more

You can now see Rachel Weisz twice in the trailer for ‘Inseparable’: the remake of David Cronenberg’s classic for Amazon Prime Video looks better than expected

You can now see Rachel Weisz twice in the trailer

If you are a prestigious filmmaker with a few decades of activity behind you, you begin to have all the ballots for your work to begin to be a victim of all kinds of remakes, some decent, some not so much. The last filmmaker to feel this phenomenon in his —new— flesh is none other … Read more

Rachel Weisz in the trailer for “Dead Ringers”, the series that remakes David Cronenberg’s film

Rachel Weisz in the trailer for Dead Ringers the series

A modern take on David Cronenberg’s 1988 thriller with Rachel Weisz in the lead. (First Video) In 1988, the eccentric filmmaker David Cronenberg presented his cinematographic work to the world. Dead Ringers. Now the psychological thriller is being reversed by Prime Video in a series where Rachel Weisz assumes the double role that Jeremy Irons … Read more

Carmen Alcayde wanted to help David Valldeperas: “I wouldn’t have minded helping him become a father with my belly”

Carmen Alcayde wanted to help David Valldeperas I wouldnt have

The news about Ana Obregón’s recent motherhood from surrogate pregnancy has created a lot of controversy on the set of ‘Save me’ and some other anecdote related to the subject of surrogacy has come to light. Jorge Javier has addressed Carmen Alcayde directly to ask her about something that David Valldeperas has told her and … Read more

The dilemma with ‘daddy’: analysis of the erotic myth of the interesting mature that makes Pedro Pascal, David Harbor or Idris Elba sweep

The dilemma with daddy analysis of the erotic myth of

As has happened with so many other things, it turns out that historically discriminated social groups had already invented this daddy thing before the masses adopted it. Thus, the world should recognize that African Americans and homosexuals came first. A daddy, that is, a papi, is a man of legal age, with an attractive physique … Read more