This is the historic house that Anya Taylor-Joy, from ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, bought in the Hollywood Hills

This is the historic house that Anya Taylor Joy from The

Anya Taylor-Joy has a new house surrounded by nature Photo: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images/Grosby Group The actress Anya Taylor-Joy captivated everyone with her leading role in the Netflix miniseries ‘The Queen’s Gambit’. Critically acclaimed, she has managed to represent major brands like Dior and more. Anya Taylor-Joy’s work in ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ was recognized with a … Read more

Robert Pattinson made Henry Cavill ‘the unluckiest man in Hollywood’

The race of Henry Cavill It is currently at its peak. The actor, who achieved international fame thanks to his signing as Superman at Warner Bros., has become one of Hollywood’s best-known artists. Additionally, his arrival on Netflix as Geralt of Rivia the witcher and Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes This led him to attract … Read more

Ana de Armas and Chris Evans: story of a friendship blessed by Hollywood

The jobs unite. They create bonds of friendship and affection among those who participate in them, even if they are part of the cinema elite, as is the case in Hollywood. Famous couples such as the one formed by Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, intimate since they were Rose DeWitt Bukater and Jack Dawson in … Read more

Ida Lupino, la mujer que cambió las reglas del juego en Hollywood

Ida Lupino la mujer que cambio las reglas del juego

Noticias relacionadas Entre las historias del viejo Hollywood, existe una en particular de la que muy bien se podrían hacer varias películas o una serie para deleite de los seriéfilos. Es la historia de Ida Lupino, que para efectos dramáticos situaríamos el inicio en 1950, cuando se convirtió en la segunda mujer aceptada en la … Read more

Christoph Waltz – immortalized on Hollywood Boulevard

Christoph Waltz immortalized on Hollywood Boulevard

Christoph Waltz – immortalized on Hollywood Boulevard Homepage Movie theater Cinema News Christoph Waltz – immortalized on Hollywood Boulevard December 2, 2014 The Austrian popularized by Quentin Tarantino, and since winner of two Oscars, walked on his star affixed to the famous Hollywood Boulevard on Monday, December 1, … Read more

Elizabeth Olsen: her beginnings as a “sister of”, her distant relationship with Hollywood and the villain that Marvel fans love unconditionally

Elizabeth Olsen her beginnings as a sister of her distant

elizabeth olsen She did not think that her destiny would await her in front of the cameras. However, her talent pushed her to a successful career in Hollywood. The younger sister of two iconic child celebrities, Olsen is one of the most popular faces in cinema today, largely thanks to her performance as Wanda Maximoff, … Read more

Jim Carrey, Sandra Bullock y Bruce Willis: la jubilación anticipada de tres íconos de Hollywood

1651505855 Jim Carrey Sandra Bullock y Bruce Willis la jubilacion anticipada

Jim Carrey, Sandra Bullock y Bruce Willis, tres íconos de la pantalla que anunciaron sus retiros temporales o definitivos Aunque al verlos en alfombras rojas y super producciones uno a veces lo olvida, actuar en películas no deja de ser un trabajo. Es cierto que trabajar de megaestrella de Hollywood garantiza fama y, sobre todo, … Read more

The double of the Hollywood star Nicolas Cage is a Puerto Rican

The work of a double on screen has to be invisible to the eyes of the viewer, but that does not mean that Puerto Rican Lorenzo Orozco is going through one of the best moments of his career as a “stunt performer”. The Puerto Rican began this year celebrating being part of the resounding success … Read more

Mark Whalberg, the Hollywood actor who always goes to mass on Sundays

Mark Whalberg the Hollywood actor who always goes to mass

Mark Wahlberg is a renowned American actor, whose work on the big screen is applauded and admired by the public. Although we know him for his impressive physical routine and work in action movies, although he has also participated in some comedies, he had to transform himself to play a completely different role in the … Read more

Paco León arrives in Hollywood, but not to stay: “It was never my goal”

Paco Leon arrives in Hollywood but not to stay It

The dream of all actors, to succeed in Hollywood, never caught the attention of Paco León. And even so, the Spaniard has ended up sharing the screen with the iconic Nicolas Cage in an American production that opens this week, an experience that he has described as “interesting”, but that has not completely seduced him. … Read more