Entrevista a James LaBrie, vocalista de Dream Theater: ‘Actualmente tocamos dos horas pero sabemos que a nuestros fans les gustan los shows más largos’ | Science of Noise – Rock Magazine

1673958913 Entrevista a James LaBrie vocalista de Dream Theater ‘Actualmente tocamos

Fotografía: Thomas Ewerhard Se nos viene encima la gira de Dream Theater y vienen con un disco nuevo bajo el brazo: A View from the Top of the World. Disfrutamos de ellos en su “gira regresiva” en la que tocaban entero el Metropolis Part II – Scenes from a Memory, pero también hubo la cancelación … Read more

The Science of Noise Preview: ANVIL | Science of Noise – Rock Magazine

The Science of Noise Preview ANVIL Science of Noise

It was time! Finally, the great European tour of Anvil will pass through our rooms. Initially scheduled for before the pandemic, it was postponed several times. So much so that it even gave the mythical Canadian band time to record another album. The plan was to present Legal at Last (2020)but after these years they … Read more

Neither sounds nor styles: what rhythm causes the need to dance in humans, according to science

Neither sounds nor styles what rhythm causes the need to

Low-frequency sounds, such as that emitted by the bass as an instrument, are related to the human pulse and drive movement in some cases (Getty) Go to dance it is an attractive plan for human beings. Meeting new people, getting along with our friends and relaxing for a while from obligations are generally the reasons … Read more

Mark Lettieri: Come, vidi, vici | Science of Noise – Rock Magazine

Mark Lettieri Come vidi vici Science of Noise

With the same speed that we left the razzmatazz 3 because of the intense rain, authentic punches of measured virtuosity came to us, energy coming from the original source of the rock and inexplicable harmonies of almost demonic beauty. Good entrance in a perfect room to be able to boast of having authentic teachers within … Read more

Lord of the Lost confirm in Salamander that the German Gothic wants to return to the top | Science of Noise – Rock Magazine

Lord of the Lost confirm in Salamander that the German

I came to consider going this summer to the Rock legends by Lord of the Lost and by the Sweetso obviously, since I finally didn’t go, I couldn’t miss the concert in Barcelona-L’H de Lord of the Lost. This German band has once again put German gothic in style and has done so at levels … Read more

25 years of ‘Starship Troopers’: the amazing science fiction film that was accused of promoting Nazism, unfairly failed and ended up becoming a franchise

25 years of Starship Troopers the amazing science fiction film

The year 1997 was pretty good for lovers of science fiction movies, although several of the most interesting proposals of the genre sank at the box office. A few days ago I told you about the case of ‘Gattaca’ and today it’s time to make a stop at ‘Starship Troopers’because today is the 25 years … Read more

According to science, this is how dinosaurs sounded: nothing to do with the roars of Jurassic Park

According to science this is how dinosaurs sounded nothing to

in the saga of Jurassicpark, the dinosaurs sounded in a terrifying way, with fearsome roars. But science says the actual sound has nothing to do with what you hear in the movies. We have the image of a formidable T. Rex roaring at full throttle, with impressive power. The reality, most likely, was different. It … Read more

The preview of Science of Noise: SEPULTURA | Science of Noise – Rock Magazine

The preview of Science of Noise SEPULTURA Science of

The European tour of Grave It is just around the corner! Next week we are going to have the most famous quartet of the metal Brazilian through our rooms, accompanied by two other groups that could perfectly be headliners on their own: Sacred Reich Y crowdbar. the 2 of Razzmatazz will host the Barcelona date. … Read more

‘Westworld’ is canceled by surprise: HBO leaves the science fiction series without an end and will not have season 5

The Peripheral promises to be the new great science fiction

HBO just surprised us all by announcing the cancellation of ‘Westworld’ after 4 seasons. Its creators had hopes of having one more to give the closure they wanted to the story, but it will not be possible and the science fiction series is left without an end. Everything suggests that the cancellation is part of … Read more