Actress praises Ezra Miller

Actress Saoirse-Monica Jackson, who will be in the movie The Flash, has revealed how well she has worked with Ezra Miller.

Despite the fact that lately we have had a lot of negative information about the personal life of Ezra MillerIt seems that on the set he gives his all and proves to be a great worker with a lot of talent. This has been confirmed by the actress Saoirse-Monica Jackson what will be in Flash (2023) in a recent interview with FV.

“Honestly, it was amazing for me to see that level of production and that level of creative freedom and scope. A lot of our scenes were improvised, and I think it was a really creative and supportive environment. And what a remarkable talent, and I think Ezra Miller is so brilliant. It’s just the perfect casting for The Flash. When the world sees that performance, they will be completely blown away. I had an amazing time at that job, and I think it definitely made me a better actor.”

For now, we do not know what role he will play Saoirse-Monica Jackson in Flashbut it will be interesting to check everything they have prepared.

Saoirse-Monica Jackson (image by cordonpress)

What will the movie be about?

Flash will show us how Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) tries to get his father out Henry AllenRon Livingston from jail by legal methods. Failing to do so, he decides to use the speed force to travel to the past and prevent the death of his mother. Nora Allen as Maribel Verdu and thus prevent them from blaming their father. But when he returns to the present, this has caused everything to change and he must resolve the situation before chaos takes over the world.

In the cast stand out Ezra Miller as Barry Allen Michael Shannon as General Zod Michael Keaton like batman, Ben Affleck like batman, Maribel Verdu as Nora Allen Temuera Morrison as Tom Curry Antje Traue as Faora-UI, Ron Livingstone like Henry Allen, Kiersey Clemons as Iris West and Sasha Street like Supergirl. They will also be Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Luke Brandon Field, Nina Barker-Francis, eric tiede, Rudy Mancuso, Andy M Milligan, Sean Rogers Y Bastian Antonio Fuentes.

Flash will be released on June 23, 2023. While it arrives in theaters, you can see the films where Ezra Miller has played the character in HBO Max with this link.

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Actress praises Ezra Miller