“Zendaya is 26, too old to date DiCaprio” and other jokes from the 2022 Emmys

In the difficult, thankless and stressful task of presenting a film or television awards gala, it cannot be said that Kenan Thompson has left his mark as master of ceremonies of the 74th edition of the Emmy Awards.

It is not that the awards of the Television Academy have the memory of really memorable presenters in their last years (Jane Lynch?), but see people like Jimmy Kimmel either Stephen Colbert in such a task it is always naturally comforting; even other colleagues of Thompson in Saturday night Live What seth meyers either Andy Samberg they didn’t do too questionable jobs.

Not that Thompson hurt, but when he wasn’t onstage he wasn’t missed either. But it could have been worse. As much as it seemed it was going to be with the initial musical number: a potpourri of musical themes from mythical series headers (Friends, The Brady Bunch, Law & Order, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones…) remixed and dance choreographed to supposedly appeal to the TikTok audience.

Indeed, it was as embarrassing as can be imagined. But you can also see it and suffer in the video below.

Best Kenan Thompson jokes

Kenan Thompson was not the funniest of the 2022 Emmy gala – that position could be disputed by two pairs of award presenters: Jean Smart Y Hannah Eibinder at first, Taron Egerton Y Paul Walter Hauser towards the end–, but he did have the occasional inspired pulla; at least much more than that interaction with The Simpson that did not go beyond the rancid joke. (Bart playing one of his prank calls on Moe, who asked if there were any Bob Tox at the gala).

In one of his speeches, Kenan Thompson commented on how Zendaya He had recently turned 26. “26 years old is a strange age in Hollywood. You’re young enough to play a high school student but too old to date Leonardo Dicaprio”, the comedian released while the actress covered her face.

At another point in his monologue, Thompson made reference to how some of the traditional cable channels have lost presence due to the imposition of streaming platforms on the media ecosystem. “Better Call Saul It’s hard to see because it’s scary. the squid game It’s hard to watch because it’s violent. yellowjackets It’s hard to watch because they cast it on Showtime,” he joked.

Ultimately, perhaps Kenan Thompson’s best joke of the night is likely to be preferred on the specifics of the niche that could understand it and the buzz that was going on around it. It took place during the aforementioned opening musical number. As soon as the popular tune of friends, the humorist asked: “Have you seen Living Single ever? I think you would like it.”

He was referring to a 1990s sitcom starring Queen Latifah in which a group of friends from New York shared sentimental hardships and situations of everyday life. Yes like friends only with African-American protagonists… and released a year earlier.

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“Zendaya is 26, too old to date DiCaprio” and other jokes from the 2022 Emmys