YosStop: This was your first night in prison

The new episode of the podcast “Creativo” by Roberto Martínez, had the participation of YosStop, who related how his first night in jail and how was the entire operation of his capture.

According to his statements, YosStop made it clear that having been in jail it wasn’t Ainara’s fault and that all the time he had ups and downs in prison.

The youtuber said that, during the night of June 29, 2021, she was at home playing with her boyfriend, and that even that day he had not bathed.

“I was playing PlayStation with my boyfriend, that day I did not bathe, I was lazy, I was still wearing sportswear,” he said.

Added that I had no idea about what would be detained, and that when she learned that the police were outside her house with a search warrant, she could not believe it.

He recalled that when he saw the policemen, he felt his heart leap, so he had to dial his attorney, but that with the search warrant it was impossible to enter his home.

Roberto asked him about the impression that they arrived 40 policemen for her and for the number of cameras present that day at her home, to which the famous one declared that she did not know the reason, however, she clarified that there was no resistance or violence.

YosStop commented that his first night in prison was horrible since he did not know what awaited him when he arrived at the Santa Martha Acatitla prison.

Mentioned that arrived at 10 at night and that due to the paperwork, at 2 in the morning I enter the “new entry” cell.

“They put all the people who are arriving in the same cage, because they are not even cells.”

He added that more than 50 percent that he is in jail is because they are in preventive detention, they do not know if they are guilty or innocent; They have even been there for years without even having a sentence.

Finally, he said that he has so much to tell that he is even planning to put out a book about it.


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YosStop: This was your first night in prison