Yolanda Andrade goes against Verónica Castro once again and fans ask to please stop

It seems that the TV host, Yolanda Andrade, He has not been able to close the sentimental wound that Verónica Castro left him. He does not waste the slightest opportunity to speak, criticize and lash out at the artist. They have not been once or twice, but as many as she has been able to speak, she has done so.

add fuel to the fire

The latter occurred this Wednesday, October 5, when she spoke about the scandal in which Castro is involved, as she is accused of holding racy conversations with a group of girls and adolescents during the early morning hours.

Of course, Yolanda was prepared to bring out her artillery when she was approached by reporters from various media outlets.

When asked if she witnessed any strange behavior during their relationship, she replied: “I think that if the source was Jorge Carbajal and “El Filips”, then it is a very good source. (…) It is a very delicate subject (…) Oh, no! because I’m not going to say anything anymore. Investigate, if I tell you the truth you will be scared. We idolize people. What I tell them is that you have to be careful.”

Looking for attention?

In August, Andrade again revived the controversy against Christian Castro’s mother by leaking compromising images and videos of both. They met in 200 during a television program, but in 2005 they were caught together on a beach in Acapulco.

At that time, no romantic relationship was confirmed. However, Yolanda at the end of August recalled her days with Veronica again and stated that they had married in Europe.

He posted the photos in which they are embracing very affectionately in Amsterdam, with a text that said: “I never tell lies to my audience. This was also my story.” But then she indicated that the Instagram account had been hacked.

Threat with more images

But not even two weeks passed, when at the beginning of September, during the tribute to Silvia Pinal, he asserted that there are more photos of the two and that they were attentive. So she leaves the question: was she hacked or did she upload it on purpose?

This was enough for the followers of Verónica Castro to show their boredom: “If something had happened between them… one, it does not compare with Verónica’s handsome gallant couples (who really has a man’s face) and two, she is still on fire because they deny it (although past) it is already over that when someone denies a friendship it is because the company was unpleasant and disastrous ”, is one of the many comments that were uploaded in the YouTube videos.

“What Yolanda is doing is harassment! Not because she is a woman should she be given that which is so delicate! If someone does not want to talk about a topic, you have to respect it and that’s it! This Yolanda is already cool with hers, her own theme that she overcomes it, ”wrote another user.

“This woman needs to be quiet, she spends her time talking about it and Veronica hasn’t said anything! I’m not saying it’s false, but if Vero doesn’t say anything, it must be because either the subject is uncomfortable or she simply doesn’t want to talk about it and Yolanda talked and talked and talked and she falls fat, “was the opinion of another follower.

The followers only ask that Andrade turn the page and live in peace with his new relationship.

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Yolanda Andrade goes against Verónica Castro once again and fans ask to please stop