Yaya DaCosta dashes fans’ hopes for her return to Chicago Med

The return of Yaya DaCosta in the eighth season of Chicago Med as April Sexton made all the fans emotional, but according to recent comments from the actress it was practically to say goodbye and close the door of the drama for her.

In the season six finale of Chicago Medviewers saw the farewell of the actress Yaya DaCosta like nurse April Sexton. She had a great voice on the show, especially since she came to the ED and became boss Maggie Lockwood’s right-hand woman (Marlyne Barrett). Although his departure remains a blow to the medical drama of nbchis reappearance in the final episodes of the eighth installment made everyone believe that he would be established again, but the star has already confirmed his fate.

Yaya DaCosta says goodbye again with the finale of the eighth season

Currently, you can see Yaya DaCosta take over the courtroom in the second season of The Lincoln Lawyer. But before donning costumes, she donned the robe when she played April Sexton on the series. Chicago Med. Although she had left the series two years earlier, she returned in the season eight finale to participate in the departure of Brian Teewhich led to April and Ethan’s wedding!

“It was a lot of fun. It was really nice to go back and finish the story of Brian Tee’s character, Ethan Choi, [y] for him and April Sexton to ride off into the sunset. About this fairy tale ending for the couple. It was very nice. It was great to see all the cast and crew that were still there.”

Although Yaya DaCosta uses the word “closing” and says that his last episode in Chicago Med “It felt like a closure”, he has not ruled out a future return to Med, but what is true is that it will be a long time to see her again. DaCosta has been getting a lot of job offers since she stepped away from medical drama, and The Lincoln Lawyer is her latest hit.

“I haven’t heard anything else, but who knows, right? The future is unknown,” he says.

If we see April again, Yaya DaCosta she would be delighted if the series continued to develop the plot, which, according to her, has been going on since the first series. “I always thought April would finish her studies and become a doctor,” she explains. She was introduced to her little brother Noah [Roland Buck III], whom she helped to go to school and who became a doctor. So yeah, I think the idea was always to take advantage of female emancipation and, now that she’s ready, go back to fulfilling her dream, and I guess over time everyone felt comfortable seeing her as a nurse.

Chicago Med: What is known about the end for April and Ethan Choi

So if April Sexton does return to the screen, whether in this dimension or another, it will only be as a doctor. Something that could change her plot and become a heavyweight in the hospital. Some have hopes of seeing her again in a few seasons, but it only remains to wait for the decision of the producers and of herself. Yaya DaCosta.

The actress Yaya DaCosta had the same reasons for leaving Chicago Med than his character. She was not written out of the series; it was her choice to stay or go when her contract expired at the end of season six. DaCosta chose to leave and, according to what she told Deadline, while she was deciding her future in the series nbche found another project that interested him.

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Yaya DaCosta dashes fans’ hopes for her return to Chicago Med