Yanina Latorre was fired from Marcelo Polino’s program on Radio Miter: the reason

the place that Yanina Torres had next to Marcelo Polino in Radio Miter he was harmed by his long stay outside the country; the famous has been in Miami since the end of December and everything indicates that until her return to television with Angel of Britowill not return.

It was learned that the panelist was fired from “Authentic Polino“, the Saturday radio cycle of the renowned host that airs from 12 to 14 hours. Marcelo confirmed the news today at the beginning of his program; it is believed that despite the intentions that the wife of Diego Latorre continued, as her return to the country has not been finalized, the radio could get nowhere with her. The presenter of the program expressed: “Yanina Latorre will no longer be on this program by decision of the radio. there was no agreement“.

Yanina Latorre on Radio Mitre.

What will happen to Yanina Latorre on Radio Miter

Pablo Montagna assured that the panelist continues to be linked to the radio, which is why she will be relocated to one of the programs that belong to the programming that runs from Monday to Friday.

Yanina Latorre outside Polino Authentic

Likewise, the journalist revealed that the departure of Yanina Torres of “Authentic Polino” was motivated by his need to have weekends to rest.

When will Ángel de Brito return to television?

Although much has been said about his return, the journalist has chosen to remain silent and not talk about his professional future. Until a few weeks ago, his landing on Telefe was counted as a fact; however, the journalist Laura Ubfal was in charge of telling the reason why the negotiations between this channel and the producer Mandarina, with whom Ángel has a signed contract, were frozen.

According to the communicator, The thirteen would have sent a series of document letters to Telefe, with the intention of warning that if a format similar to “The Angels of the Morning“, they were going to face legal problems for the rights of the cycle.

Angel de Brito future work

In recent days the theory has grown that Angel will return to television through the screen of América TV; Although the driver has not specified anything, he did make it clear that his panel is practically putting together, because it will be Yanina Latorre, Andrea Taboada and Pía Shaw, who will accompany in this new stage.


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Yanina Latorre was fired from Marcelo Polino’s program on Radio Miter: the reason