Yanina Latorre had connection problems and exploded at the end of LAM

This Friday, The Morning Angels came to an end after six years on the screen of The thirteen and in the closing moments Ángel de Brito gave the voice to his “little angels” to say goodbye. Except when it came to Yanina Latorre, the media panelist had some problems in the middle that prevented her from expressing herself as she would have liked.

On vacation in Miami, Yanina Latorre connected with the program but suffered some problems on the network as a result of the distance. The Zoom screen went back and forth between her and a black screen, with her name on it. This, coupled with the incessant noise of her phone, drove the panelist out of her mind.

“Holiis!”, Yanina started, after wanting to filter where she will go with Ángel de Brito next year. Then the little angel revealed that she spent a few days crying and that “she was farting.” “At night I give alcohol. (…) The melancholic fart caught me,” he said, in the first instance. But after the presentations and the course of the program, the problems started.

In the final minutes of BLUE, LAtorre exploded before the interruptions of connection and of his cell phone: “I think they call me when I speak and it is on purpose. The truth is that people are bad”. And finally, he started to cry, implying that his message was closing. “This beautiful monster was created by you Angel. And well, bye BLUE”, closed the media “angelita” that starred in more than one scandal in the six years of the program.

Ángel de Brito made an unexpected revelation at the end of LAM: “They will know soon enough”

“We close here BLUE, we close on top of everything, on the crest of the wave, we are going happy “, the journalist began his discharge and then assured that he is proud to have been the head of a program like that:”Very proud of this brand that was BLUE. Let’s start talking in the past tense “.

By Brito He continued with a message to all the viewers who have accompanied the program in these years and stated: “Have a great year, in good health, which has cost us so much in these two difficult years “. He then made it clear that he will not retire from television and that in 2022 he will be part of a new project, although he left the public intrigued: “See you next year … somewhere, they’ll find out pretty soon. Bye!”.

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Yanina Latorre had connection problems and exploded at the end of LAM