Yanina Latorre crossed Romina Uhrig very strongly live: “How do you pay $1,200 for rent?”

Romina Uhrig entered the Big Brother 2022 house in October last year, claiming she was separated from Walter Festaalthough on his departure he appeared more than once with the former mayor, who is being investigated for illicit enrichment and for that he reproached him Yanina Latorre.

This Tuesday, the former representative of the Frente de todos finally visited LAM, an experience that she had avoided all these months because she felt that “The media attack her for being a Peronist”as he confessed to Ángel de Brito.

As was foreseeable, the former Big Brother did not take long to collide with Yanina Latorrewith whom she had strong verbal exchanges about her role as a deputy, reproaching her for not presenting any project during her four years in office in Congress.


but there was Other critical moments between the panelist and the former deputysuch as the one that happened near the end of his visit to the show’s studio when Fernanda Iglesias asked him how Walter Festa got rich during his tenure as mayor of Moreno and he reacted.

Romina: -We are not rich, that’s what a person who denounced us for illicit enrichment says. Not because you have causes in Justice means that it is true.

Yanina: -I have no reasons. No one gets up and says ‘I’m going to shit someone’s life’. We are talking about politics! How do you know about the 400 million pesos that they were not sent in the municipality and you don’t know how much you pay for rent in your house?

R: -I’m telling you 1200 (dollars)

And: -And how do you pay 1,200 dollars in rent with 600,000 pesos in salary?

A: -I am telling you that it is because he has investments and has savings and he worked all his life. If you want you can sit here.

Y: -He is the only Argentine who has investments and savings, because here money is not enough for anyone.

R: -And how do you do to live in a country?

Y: -I work like crazy, and I’m married to a guy who is a former soccer player, and you know the level that soccer players manage. My husband is a sports journalist, we are private…

Ángel: -Did you play soccer, Festa?

Y: -The only thing I need is for a mine that has a cause of illicit enrichment to ask me why I have a house in a country. I have an apartment, I have rentals… I have everything because in my house we have worked without choreing since we were 18 years old.

A: -It is one thing that you can give an opinion about someone, but affirming something seems to me not. That cause, you know that it is not so. If you want, I bring you the cause, the real one. We know it’s all screwed up!

Y: -I am affirming what I read the case. Bring it to me. Are there two causes? In the end, you’re like all politicians. Because there, the trout is you, that you change all the time.

A: -And second, do not try to squirt, because what you are doing is not good, to use someone if you do not have proof…

And: -It is like that with the tests if it is a cause, if not, it does not open.

R: -And I’m such a moron that I get into the Big Brother house…

Y: -That’s why you said you were separated, because you wanted to open up and get rid of Festa.

R: -Think what you want

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Yanina Latorre crossed Romina Uhrig very strongly live: “How do you pay $1,200 for rent?”