WTF? Ezra Miller has a blast as news of his arrest appears on TV

In the last weeks, Ezra Miller’s name has been on everyone’s lips and not for the reasons he expected. In less than a month, the actor who plays the Flash in the DC Cinematic Universe has been arrested twice in Hawaii. The reason? Well, disturbing the public order and harassing people in different situations (over here we told you in detail about the most recent altercation he had with the authorities of that country).

Of course, this situation has everyone who is working with him very tense, especially Warner Bros. because in addition to having the premiere of Barry Allen’s first film starring Miller on the doorstep, he is also participating in the franchise of fantastic animals. In fact, it is said that the company stopped practically all the projects where they were considering Ezra.

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Ezra Miller saw the news of his own arrest on television

However, on this occasion we will not talk as such about what will happen to Ezra Miller’s career if he continues to get into trouble and disturb the public order. No, this time we will tell you about a very WTF moment?! because although they do not believe it and it seems a lie, the 29-year-old actor was able to watch his own arrest on television And as expected, this story quickly went viral in the internet of things.

It turns out that a curious video appeared on social networks where it may be that on the screen they are giving the news about the most recent problem that Miller had with the law. But in a plot twist that not even the good M. Night Shyamalan has in his films, the camera quickly pans to Ezra himself hanging out with his friends and quite relaxed as the hosts talk about their situation. If you don’t believe us, here’s the video:

So far and how can you see it, Ezra Miller is free and for now it is not known what will happen to him and all the projects that he at least had with Warner Bros. These included several movies where Flash would be the protagonist and let’s not even talk about fantastic animals, as it was evident in LDumbledore’s Secrets that reduced his participation in the story to give him a few minutes on the screen.

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WTF? Ezra Miller has a blast as news of his arrest appears on TV