“Woman”: what is your schedule this week and what will happen in its last chapters

The Turkish soap opera “” (“”In its original language or“ Fuerza de mujer ”in some Latin American countries) is among the favorites of millions of viewers around the world, including Spanish audiences, who follow Bahar’s story on Antena 3 even with more attention than other dramas that conquered the country like “Kara Sevda” and “Erkenci Kuş”.

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In Spain, one of the main countries where the telenovela has had a great reception, it is transmitted by the Antena 3 signal, where viewers follow each chapter of this story full of drama and improvement.


Abandoned by her mother when she was a child, Bahar (Özge Özpirinçci) is a young widow with two children who lives in a very poor neighborhood after the death of her husband, Steep (Caner Cindoruk), the most un accidente.

Alone, Bahar has to carry out Engagement (Kübra Süzgün), 8 years old, already Peak (Ali Semi Sefil), 3, albeit with little help from her young neighbor, a disreputable single mother, and her co-worker, a woman who has been disowned by her husband.

Unfortunately, Bahar falls seriously ill and, after 20 years, and without any other remedy, reconnects with her mother, Hatice (Bennu Yıldırımlar), who she cannot forgive for abandoning her. Also, he must face other ghosts from the past like his own sister, Sirin (Seray Kaya), an unscrupulous young woman whom she did not know and who was in a loving relationship with her late husband.

When Bahar learns of this betrayal, the pain of the loss turns to anger and his world collapses, but the questions do not stop arising, in addition to the sorrows. Did your husband really pass away?

Özge Özpirinçci is Bahar in “Woman”, one of the most successful Turkish soap operas in recent years (Photo: MF Yapım)

”Is a story of overcoming, of strength in the face of daily challenges, of sacrifice for the people we love, of friendship and help. It is an emotional drama, centered on love for family and survival in the face of the loss of a loved one.

But it is also a story of passionate love, betrayal, unspeakable secrets and forgiveness. How in times of real need, only the help of those closest to us can save a person from the abyss.

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Although many people are still aware of what happens with the meetings related to the Eurocup, the television programming has also included the telenovela which can be seen this Monday, July 5 at 10:45 pm on Antena 3.

The same schedule will be repeated the next few days of the week so that Bahar’s followers will be able to continue enjoying the story that has won the hearts of thousands of people around the world.

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The Turkish soap opera that comes to an end has been considered one of the most successful.
The Turkish soap opera that comes to an end has been considered one of the most successful.


The soap opera “”Is coming to an end and in the last chapters details will be revealed that will surprise fans. On Monday and Tuesday the episode “Lord, help us so that we can see her rot in jail” will be broadcast.

Arif is worried about the future that holds for Bahar if Sirin doesn’t pay the price for killing Sarp.

Also after Satilmis, Nisan and Doruk unmasked Sirin, Emre fired her without hesitation.

I want you to go right now to pick up your things and I don’t want to see you anymore. Get out”Emre expressed.

Sirin Very angry, she assures that she does not need the money or the work and left the place not before breaking all the things that are in her path.

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Bahar He decided to bet on love and family with Sarp after the terrible car accident that changed everything. In the previous episode, Hatice, Bahar’s mother, could not overcome the aftermath of the crash and died.

The protagonist, now focused on her children, chose to try again with her husband, not knowing that fate had prepared a new blow for her. And Sirin, as usual, is behind his misfortunes again.

Sirin manipulated the dropper for Sarp, who was still recovering in the hospital. Then Bahar goes back to habituation to lie down and talk to him. At that moment, he knows that something is wrong and decides to call the doctors.

Later, Bahar has a conversation with Fazilet in which she talks about the death of her husband Sarp and the difficult situation in which she is reunited with her children. The death of the character has been a surprise blow for the followers of this story.

Quickly, Sarp’s death revolutionized social networks. The actor who plays this character, Caner Cindoruk, wanted to say goodbye to Spanish fans through his Twitter account.

“Goodbye Spain … I hope to see you again in other stories”, reads his publication accompanied by a photograph of the death of his character in the hospital.

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  1. Özge Özpirinçci como Bahar Çeşmeli
  2. Caner Cindoruk como Sarp Çeşmeli / Alp Karahan
  3. Bennu Yıldırımlar como Hatice Sarıkadı
  4. Şerif Erol como Enver Sarıkadı
  5. Seray Kaya como Şirin Sarıkadı
  6. Ayça Erturan como Yeliz Ünsal
  7. Ece Özdikici como Jale Demir
  8. Feyyaz Duman como Arif Kara