Without a helmet: L-Ghent will be denounced for participating in a dangerous caravan

The controversial Argentine singer L-Ghent He participated over the weekend in a large caravan of motorcyclists in honor of his colleague and friend Lautaro Coronel, “El Noba”, who died last June in a road accident. The artist stuck his head out of the roof of his limousine and around him were bikers without helmets and making reckless maneuvers. “We are going to denounce it criminally,” said the head of the National Road Safety Agency (ANSV), Pablo Martínez Carignano.

“It is perfect that L-Gante does not want to be an example of anything, but it is inadmissible that it encourages these suicidal behaviors. Due to these facts, we made the decision to criminally denounce Elián Valenzuela [como es el verdadero nombre del cantante] for the offense provided for in Article 193 bis of the Penal Code, consisting of promoting skill tests with a vehicle on public roads. Now he will have to respond to Justice, ”announced the national official.

“Another one wanting fame from L-Ghent”, the artist replied from his Instagram account. Valenzuela’s lawyer, Alejandro Cipolla, also came out at the Martínez Carignano intersection. In dialogue with LA NACION, the lawyer said that “the complaint is ridiculous without possible legal regularity.”

“L-Ghent organized absolutely nothing. He just accompanied. I understand that his conduct is not typified within article 193 bis of the Penal Code as the director of Roads wants to make it appear, “added Cipolla. He accused Martínez Carignano of “wanting to make propaganda more than anything.” “You should control the drivers that they do not drive drunk rather than chase L-Gante,” the lawyer closed.

The Noba died on June 3 after spending almost two weeks hospitalized. He had suffered a serious accident with his motorcycle on May 24. The musician had been hit by a car while driving in the Buenos Aires town of Florencio Varela, where he was from.

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Without a helmet: L-Ghent will be denounced for participating in a dangerous caravan