With a video of all his achievements, Adamari López dismisses 2021

The famous actress Adamari Lopez shared a video where he showed most if not all of the achievements he had throughout 2021, in these compilation images we can find part of his physical change and the participation he has had in different events and programs.

Throughout this year Adamari Lopez the flirtatious actress and television host never stopped sharing content, despite arguably not one of her best years, given that she went through a second divorce.

The host of the program Un Nuevo Día, went through extremely important situations and changes during this 2021 in addition to her divorce, the most impressive was her physical change, with which she has left more than one impacted.

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Looking perfect in each of the images that appears in this video Adamari López gave us endless Photos that were part of this year that for many people became one of the most reckless and chaotic.

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Adamari López has become an icon of personal improvement | Instagram adamarilopez

This is due to the pandemic that took millions of lives around the world, and although it seemed that it was already under control, a new variant arrived and began to affect more people.

How you remember Adamari Lopez She was part of the three judges of the reality show “Así Se Baila”, she was also present at one of the most important events of the year in the Miss Universe pageant, and she was also one of the invited judges.


Photos being alone or with great friends and obviously her daughter and ex-partner are the ones that appear throughout the video, you would have to have very good eyes to admire each and every one of the photos or simply pause it.

If you are a fan of the driver who was criticized in this contest a bit for some comments she made about one of the participants, although of course she later clarified the whole matter and was resolved.

As for her description, she simply wrote “bye bye 2021”, determined to start a new year with all the emotion and dedication to her work as she has always done and especially in the company of her beloved daughter Alaïa.

Despite the fact that she divorced Toni Costa, the beautiful driver has not stopped maintaining contact with him and the best of all is that she has done it in the best way, since her relationship with her ex-partner depends on whether it affects her daughter or no, seeing them separated.

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With a video of all his achievements, Adamari López dismisses 2021