Windowing, driver hits Andrea Legarreta for giving her opinion on Shakira

the new song of Shakira and Bizarrapin which he tells in great detail all the bad things that caused him Gerard Piquéhas become the subject of debate and discussion in all programs TV. For this reason, a driver of windowing lashed out Andrea Legarreta.

In recent days, it has become a constant to see in the various programs of all television stations, various “analysis” and comments about “Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53”, even reaching heated discussions. Hence, among colleagues they are thrown by their way of thinking.

As always, on the show windowingits drivers did not skimp on giving their opinions regarding the statements of others Famousregarding Shakira’s new song, so even the star of the Today program, Andrea Legarretawas scolded and criticized by a driver of Ventaneando.

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It all happened when in the Ventaneando program, a note was presented where Sheila Dúrcal mentioned being “Team Piqué”. The Diva’s daughter, Rocío Dúrcal, expressed her disagreement with Shakira for having exposed her relationship with Piqué in this way.

Given these statements, the conductors of the controversial program Ventaneando, opined that not all women should agree with the Colombian. Hence, Pedro Sola will affirm that if not all women agree with Shakira; in general, 99 percent, she is, because at some point they have seen themselves reflected.

In this broadcast, Rosario Murrieta, host of Ventaneando, was present, who out of nowhere, claimed that Andrea Legarreta had said that Shakira must have thought of her children, well, she questioned that not only the singer, but also Gerard must have done it Pique.

As Andrea Legarreta says: “Perhaps Shakira should have thought of her children.” Not in her children Piqué must have thought since he cheated on Shakira, ”she said.

For her part, Mónica Castañeda stressed that it must have been both of them, since they are her children. Daniel Bisogno pointed out that Shakira is bigger than her new song. While Pedro Sola said that Shakira only took advantage of the moment of her separation from Gerard Piqué.

Returning to the comment against Andrea Legarreta, it was because the star of the Hoy program mentioned that it seemed like a “great song” because she considered that it was funny from the outside. Although, also, Andrea Legarreta referred to the children of Shakira and Piqué when pointing out that they would be the most affected by the controversy.

For Andrea Legarreta, the most important thing in this case is to think about the children, since they are the ones who end up in the middle.

Yes, the song has been a hit, she is very talented and I love it, obviously the lyrics and everything and maybe you say why you are from the outside, it makes you a little funny, but you do have to think that you have children ”, said Andrea Legarreta.

For that opinion is that Rosario Murrieta from Ventaneando, he was upset, because he considered that he was only referring to Shakira and not Piqué. Nevertheless, Andrea Legarreta He finished his comment by pointing out that this must be from both Gerard Piqué and Shakira.

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Windowing, driver hits Andrea Legarreta for giving her opinion on Shakira