Will “XO, Kitty” have season 2 on Netflix?

XO, Kitty” is a series created by the American writer Jenny Han that Netflix It just premiered on May 18, 2023, but subscribers to the streaming platform and fans of the films of “To All the Boys” (“To all the boys”, in Spanish), based on the novels of the same name, have already finished to the point of asking for a second season.

The spin-off of “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” has 10 episodes and stars Anna Cathcart, while Choi Min-young, Anthony Keyvan, Gia Kim, Sang Heon Lee, Peter Thurnwald and Regan Aliya complete the main cast.

” follows the adventure of Kitty Covey, who believes herself to be a great connoisseur of love, on the other side of the world with the aim of reconnecting with her long-distance boyfriend and being closer to the memory of her mother. However, she discovers that a relationship is much more complex when it is her own feelings of love that are in danger. So, will there be season 2?


Although has yet to confirm a second installment of the romantic comedy-dramathe last chapter leaves the way prepared for a new batch of episodes that continue with the story of Kitty Song Covey, who discovered that love is more complicated than it seems.

At the end of the first season of “Kisses, Kitty”final grades, rankings and some hard truths stir strong emotions, and the younger Covey makes a decision while her KISS future hangs in the balance.

What will happen to Kitty and Dae after their separation? Does Kitty really have feelings for Yuri? What will Kitty do after finding out that Min Ho is in love with her? What other secrets do the characters hide? These are some of the questions that a new season must answer.

Yeah “” is as successful as the “To All the Boys” movies, it is almost certain that Netflix, which usually takes a few weeks to make an official announcement, will greenlight a second batch of episodes.

Besides, a representative of Digital I (an SVOD data analysis company) revealed that “historically less than 50% almost always leads to cancellation”.

What will happen to Katherine Song Covey in the second season of

What will happen to Katherine Song Covey in the second season of “XO, Kitty”, the spin-off of “To all the boys I’ve loved”? (Photo: Netflix)


  1. Kisses. Longing to feel closer to her late mother and surprise her boyfriend at a distance from her, Kitty sets out to attend a prestigious school in Seoul.
  2. What the hell?! Despite the jet lag, Kitty can’t wait to be reunited with Dae. But a room problem plus a viral video ruin the long-awaited moment.
  3. kissing class. Dae experiences mixed feelings over a sudden change in plans, while Kitty deals with her own emotional conflict and an unfortunate nickname from her.
  4. Friday at last! Kitty joins Q’s walking club to be with Dae outside of school, but a lead about her mother soon leads her on a search for answers…and another matchmaking mission.
  5. I’ll be honest. With no plans for the Chuseok celebration, Kitty wants to prepare something special for the other students staying on campus and gets some help from the unexpected.
  6. your own drink. Drama erupts and new romances emerge at Min Ho’s lavish party. There, Kitty can’t wait any longer and she sets out to face her feelings for Dae.
  7. what i learned today. During school detention, tension turns to revelations when Kitty reluctantly agrees to help Yuri find out what Principal Lim is hiding.
  8. Let go. During a school trip, Dae tries to win back Kitty’s trust, Yuri tells the truth about Juliana, Florian comes clean with Q, and Min Ho makes a decision about their relationship.
  9. chaos is total. As the final tests approach, Kitty turns to her friends. But tempers flare at KISS, amid shocking revelations, betrayals, and confrontations.
  10. My ideal mate. Final grades, rankings and some hard truths stir strong emotions, and Kitty makes a decision as her KISS future hangs in the balance.


“XO, Kitty” is available on Netflix from May 18, 2023Therefore, to see the new series you only need a subscription to the popular streaming platform.

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Will “XO, Kitty” have season 2 on Netflix?