Will Sex Education have a fourth season?

After a busy year and after the end of the summer, Moordale reopened its doors to give rise to the third season of Sex Education. The new edition, consisting of eight episodes, is now available at Netflix and it became a success. With new challenges and a director that creates chaos in the institution, students must face changes and learn to fight for their rights.

The new principal, Hope Haddon, arrives in order to make Moordale a pillar of academic excellence by depriving her students of freedom of expression and, indeed, desires. Thanks to this character, Sex Education manages to delve into new problems in today’s society such as discrimination against people of non-binary gender.

Without a doubt, Sex Education He returned in style despite the fact that his protagonists, Otis and Maeve are on their separate ways after a lost voice message. That is why and because of the unexpected ending that many fans are already wondering if there will be a new season of this series that generates so much fury. And, the truth is that a next edition would be the only one that could definitively close the history of each character.

Maeve and Otis are growing apart. Photo: (Netflix)

Nevertheless, Netflix still did not give news of a renewal. Is that, the platform evaluates a new investment in the production just two weeks after the premiere of it. So much so that it only remains to wait and ensure that the newly released chapters of this fiction are a success just as those of seasons one and two were.

Notably, though, Asa Butterfield gave an interview recently and said: “we don’t know and it is out of our hands at this time. I wish I could tell more, but honestly I don’t know”. Also, the actor added: “I would love to do a fourth season, because we are having so much fun”.

However, Butterfield also assured that it is time to say goodbye to these characters. “We have been doing it for three years and I would be happy to say goodbye to these characters. We will have to seer ”, were his exact words. That is to say, the series could not be renewed, but if so, the fourth installment would be the last.

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