Will Brad Pitt play “Ñoño” in the biographical series of “Chavo del Ocho”? This said Edgar Vivar

Time passes and generations change, but there are programs that continue to be a success despite the years, such is the case of “The Chavo of the Eight“, a project headed by the late Roberto Gomez Bolanosbetter known as “Chespirito“, who thanks to his imagination managed to create a universe full of laughter and children’s jokes that made his program one of the most watched in Latin America and with which great comedians of the time were made known, such as Ramón Valdez and Carlos Villagrán .

It was during the red carpet of the play “Why is it that we love them so much?” that two of the most endearing characters of “The Chavo of the EightThey met again and decided to talk about the actors who might play them in the bioseries of the program that catapulted them in Mexico and the world.

So, after giving each other a warm hug, Edgar Vivar and Marie Antoinette of the Snows They decided to give some details about the bioseries of “The Chavo of the Eight“, in which it is not yet defined who will embody “Ñoño”, “La Chilindrina” and the rest of the characters, which did not exempt the actors from idealizing who could interpret them.

Therefore, when questioned by the “Ventaneando” reporters about who could represent him in the aforementioned bioseries, Edgar Vivar he did not hesitate to joke saying that he would like it to be Brad Pitt who gave him life, comment to which he joined Marie Antoinette of the Snowswho added that “in that case” she wanted Angelina Jolie whoever interpreted it.

Among other issues, the actors avoided positioning themselves around the alleged dispute that exists between Florinda and the son of Roberto Gómez Bolaños, assuring that if there is such a difference, it will be the lawyers who will come to an agreement at the end of the day.

“They have to see that from the legal point of view, which is what you are proposing to me, and the lawyers are the ones who have to do it. The only thing I can say about that is ‘among lawyers you see each other’ and that they be those who fight if there is a lawsuit,” said Edgar Vivar.

For its part, Marie Antoinette of the Snows He preferred not to comment on the latest statements by Florindain which she stated that neither she nor Chespirito they became rich thanks to “The Chavo of the Eight“, assuring that for many years he lost contact with whoever gave life to Mrs. Florinda.


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Will Brad Pitt play “Ñoño” in the biographical series of “Chavo del Ocho”? This said Edgar Vivar