Why was Natalia Oreiro not hosting “Got Talent Uruguay”?

This Monday it was finished defining, live, the finalists of the new season of Got Talent Uruguay, which will end on November 28 with a live gala from the Auditorio Nacional del Sodre. And one detail particularly drew attention: the absence of the driver Natalia Oreirowhich was replaced by Noelia Etcheverry.

Last night, Oreiro did not lead the broadcast of the channel 10 talent show, which in this instance broadcasts live from the main hall of the El Galpón Theater. The actress and singer had another commitment that could not be postponed: the delivery of the Silver Condor Awards for the series.

In one of the rooms of the Kirchner Cultural Center, the Serie Santa Evita —starring Oreiro herself— was established last night as the most important of the season, and won nine awards. It won the awards for best miniseries or limited series, best direction (Alejandro Maci and Rodrigo García), leading actress in drama for the Uruguayan, cinematography (Félix Monti), editing (Rosario Suárez and Ana Remón), original music (Federico Jusid , by josi and this fiction), costume design, art direction and make-up and hairdressing.

Enthusiastic, Oreiro dedicated an effusive post today. “What happened yesterday at CCK was unforgettable. A family that loves what we do and celebrates the achievements of those we admire,” she wrote. She highlighted her “deep admiration” for her classmates and congratulated her classmates in Santa Evita and in Iosi, the repentant spy (Amazon Prime Video), who also co-stars and who yesterday won six awards.

In an Instagram story, the artist also shared a photo with her partner, Ricardo Molloto whom he said: “Thank you for always being there.”

Natalia Oreiro's message to Ricardo Mollo. Photo: Instagram @nataliaoreirosoy
Natalia Oreiro’s message to Ricardo Mollo. Photo: Instagram @nataliaoreirosoy

In the same way, Oreiro also had words for Noelia Etcheverry, whom he told that she was “beautiful” in the Got Talent driving.

The Silver Condor Awards are given by the Association of Cinematographic Chroniclersand in the gallery of images that the actress uploaded to her Instagram account, you can see, at the end, the video with the standing ovation that the audience offered her when they awarded her performance.

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Why was Natalia Oreiro not hosting “Got Talent Uruguay”?