Why many children were left without their “Bizbirije” credential

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There are few programs that after their last episode continue to be fondly remembered by the public who enjoyed them in their full splendor. Such is the case of Bisbirjea children’s news program Channel eleven which became popular during the 90s thanks to the fact that it involved its viewers in the creation of the content it presented. In order to contribute, the children only had to request a reporter’s credential and thus they could start sending their videos to the television station, however, many were left without their credentials.

After about a decade since the last episode aired of the program, the now young adults continue to claim their credentials, because although many sent more than one request, they never received it. When no one believed that the mystery that marked BisbirjePlutarco Haza -first driver of the edition- revealed why thousands of infants did not obtain their accreditation.

the protagonist of crimes of lust (2011), No man’s wife (2022) and Atletico San Pancho (2001) attended as a special guest at the walker, a radio program hosted by Tania Rincón, Fran Hevia and Fer Gay. During the interview she unexpectedly received complaints from the presenters about her Bizbirije credentials, as many questioned what happened to the applications.

“Me learning the ZIP code by heart and everything and it never arrived, I said: ‘perhaps I wrote my address wrong and that’s why my reporter’s credential never arrived,’” said Tania Rincón.

After the comments, Plutarco Haza hinted that this is not the first time he has touched on this topic since his departure from the children’s newscast and with a great sense of humor he said: “There must be a psychopathic guy or gentleman out there chasing me, looking for me everywhere because they must think that I was the culprit”.

The actor clarified that it was never his responsibility to send the credentials and pointed out that possibly everything got out of control due to the enormous number of requests that arrived at the facilities every day. Channel elevenbecause the program did not have enough equipment to serve all the children.

“That program was Channel elevenwhen hardly anyone saw him, and he suddenly became a phenomenon and did not have the capacity for what he became […] everything was made to send 20 credentials, 50, but we had thousands and thousands of children who wanted to be reporters”, he recalled.

I remember being at the Papalote Children’s Museum and there were 3,000 children yelling at us as if we were The Beatles, it was crazy

The actor confessed that he decided to participate in the project because he did not have a job and never imagined that it would set a precedent in the television station’s children’s bar. It should be remembered that played chief reporter Max and to Detective Clark for a yearthen Mario Corona and Esteban Soberanes took their place.

Plutarco Haza (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Plutarco Haza (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

“I was an experimental theater actor, I was 24. He even called me Alex, because I wanted to be a serious actor and I did it as a character. First I wanted to do it just to pay my rent, I didn’t know what it was and when I stayed I told them [a la producción]: ‘I’m not a driver and also how are they going to know me as a driver’, so I became a character”, he commented.

However, he fondly remembers his time in Bizbirije:

“On the show I was the chief reporter for a children’s newscast.. I had a group of reporters who were children and did reports of interest to children, but we were also recruiting reporters who were our viewers and they sent in their request, became reporters and sent us their reports,” he added.


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Why many children were left without their “Bizbirije” credential