Why Francisca Lachapel can’t wear sandals

Depending on the outfit or the season of the year, many people prefer to wear sandals or a type of shoe that is cooler and shows the feet, but the star of , you can’t do it.

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The television host acknowledged that she suffers from a disease that forces her not to wear sandals, so most of the time she has to wear closed shoes that hide that part of the body.

Francisca Lachapel was very excited when she broke the news about her pregnancy. (Photo: Instagram / @franciscalachapel).


During an edition of the morning “Wake up America”, the natural presenter of He talked about a problem with his feet, which prevents him from wearing sandals.

According to her statements, she suffers from extreme dryness in her heels, giving that part of her body an unattractive appearance, forcing her to wear closed shoes.

“I am aware of that and I put on a lot of cream, and when I am not convinced I walk with that part of the foot closed like with these shoes”she indicated, implying that she tries not to let this happen to her, but she still has to bear it.

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The exact date for the religious marriage of Francesca Lachapel and her Italian boyfriend did not make himself known, but it is known that it is a fact that they will marry this 2022 yes or yes after having postponed their union for two years due to the coronavirus pandemic .

In addition, all the preparations for the event are already moving forward, so it is likely that the exact information related to the date will be known in the coming weeks or months.

The television host also revealed a few months ago, with great happiness, that her marriage will take place in her native Dominican Republic with her loved ones and childhood friends, who will be part of the guests.

“From Italy we are going to the Dominican Republic. It is my land, it is very special, a large part of my family will be there and it is much easier for me to get married there, it is the land where I was born, where there are many people who love and adore me. God made the place where I got married to be my land”, confessed.

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Why Francisca Lachapel can’t wear sandals