Who wins the second selective for the armor TODAY, Friday, April 15 at Exatlón All Star?

Exathlon All Star has brought many physical and mental problems to the athletes within the edition, the pressure and nerves to be part of the final have been present in recent days due to the new measures by the production to bring the athletes to the final stage of the competition, a situation that has viewers very upset and confused as there are several somewhat unnecessary duels that are wearing down their condition after several weeks struggling to pass intact.

Each of the athletes within Exathlon All Star Their ultimate goal is to be able to lift the trophy, but for that they must now fight as a team and individually in one of the most intense tests of the week, and although this will allow them to compete in the final, it is not being taken as an automatic pass. since they will have to take care of the elimination the rest of the days.

Who wins the second selective for armor today in Exatlón All Star?

Spoilers indicate that this time it will be Heliud Polished whoever takes the lead in this new stage of the competition, this event being one of the most important for the red team who has not had a good performance as a whole in the last days of Exatlón All Star and that unlike the blue squad, He has not been able to resolve the problems between his participants just a few days before going out to fight individually for the final.

Bearing in mind that we are just a few days away from starting the individual fight, it is very important for the red athletes to be able to keep their place without the help of their teammates, since it will be that effort that will be reflected later in the final stretch of Exathlon All Star.

Pass to the semifinal in Exatlón All Star

The fight for a place in the last stage of Exathlon All Star It has all the athletes somewhat worried and stressed, the new decision of the production to put both teams to play for their right to go to the final stretch will undoubtedly leave them more exhausted, putting their condition and performance at risk.

To get the armor, the tests are divided into different days and are presented as follows:

  • The first competition for the pass is by teams, that is, between red and blue.
  • The second is fought by the elements of the winning set.
  • Subsequently, two other challenges are played again by squads and from there the contenders who face the first winner are defined.
  • Already in the final match, only one of the 3 finalists of the previous test obtains the pass.

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Who wins the second selective for the armor TODAY, Friday, April 15 at Exatlón All Star?