Who wins the Fortress TODAY, Thursday, January 6 at Exatlón México?

Today’s jousting in Exatlon Mexico They present the outcome of week 21 with two new matches where Guardians and Pathfinders, the teams of the program, continue the adventure in the sporting contest before facing the next elimination.

A complicated day of challenges that includes duels for the Men’s Medal and the challenge in The Battle of Fortaleza, house that for now the blues defend and the reds attack.

Which team does La Fortaleza win today in Exatlón México?

Although the official result of the competition is not yet known, there are spoilers from social networks that advance the name of the possible winning lineup: Guardians.

According to data exposed on online pages aimed at sharing news from Exatlon Mexico, the red team has an advantage to win the match since their performance in the show has become more far-reaching than that of the opposite line.

If this development is true, the line of Pathfinders would leave the facility to move to the Camp, a property of little comfort during the contest that on many occasions affected their performance and that now, in addition, receives them with a heavy punishment.

La Fortaleza in Exatlón México

The fight to get the town is one of the most important at the beginning and end of each cycle, since obtaining it is the best strategy that the squads use to overcome the following fights.

And it is that unlike the Camp, the town offers exclusive services that improve the performance of the athletes during the days of duel, something that apparently requires the line of Guardians given their previous performance in Survival, races that when losing led to the departure of two components.

It should be added that this result is not confirmed, therefore, we recommend you to follow tonight’s transmission on Exatlon Mexico at 7:30 PM by the Azteca UNO signal.

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Who wins the Fortress TODAY, Thursday, January 6 at Exatlón México?