Who wins the first selective for armor TODAY, Thursday, April 14 at Exatlón All Star?

After disputing the matches for the prizes and rewards of week 11, which this time put the delivery of another scooter under mourning, all the athletes of the show, red and blue, face tonight the fight to get the armorwhich is a pass to the last cycle in the circuits of Exathlon All Star.

Last Monday, from the start of the fair, the driver and ‘Highest Authority’ of the reality showAntonio Rosique, highlighted in ceremony the accelerated rhythm of the contest which also, facing the final stretch, includes the fight for first place at the summit.

And it is that this Thursday, on the slopes of the exathlonthe beginning of the process is discussed to obtain the armor with the passage to the semifinal stage, which is when only the best elements of the contest, it is unknown how many, debate which of them is the one with the greatest skill to advance and contend for the championship.

Who wins the first selective for armor today in Exatlón All Star?

This is the first time that on the slopes of the successful competition in its version ‘all Star‘ Athletes are offered the outstanding and valuable opportunity to ensure their participation until the end of the course, therefore, the effort of the members to win the prize would be a unique and adrenaline-filled challenge.

However, according to the spoilers report circulating on social media, the inaugural battle for the armor from Exathlon All Star I would beat her Javier Marquezthe ‘Big Papi’ of the blue team who allegedly, according to leaks, would defeat the rest of the opponents in the fights that would make him progress to the next round.

It should be added that the exposed data is not confirmed, therefore, to know the true result, do not miss today’s program of exathlon all-starat 7:30 PM on Azteca Uno.

Pass to the semifinal in Exatlón All Star

According to the information shared by the spoilers, the fights in the circuits of the reality show for getting the armor They are divided into different sessions.

  • The first competition for the pass to the semifinal is by teams, that is, between red and blue.
  • The second is fought by the elements of the winning set.
  • Subsequently, two other challenges are played again by squads and from there the contenders who face the first winner are defined.
  • Already in the final match, only one of the 3 selected gets the valuable pass.

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Who wins the first selective for armor TODAY, Thursday, April 14 at Exatlón All Star?