Who lives and who dies at the end of Ozark?

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It was more than obvious that the fourth season of ‘Ozark’ It was going to end on a high and, of course, the Netflix series has not only met its own expectations, but has exceeded them. A final shot in the last episode of the fiction leaves the Byrde family forever condemned.

Of course, the outcome of the series created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams has not been as bloody as some fans expected, but that does not mean that it has left a good trail of corpses behind it. In the end, the final chapter was not going to get out of the pattern of the closings of the previous seasons.

There were many predictions about who was going to move to the other neighborhood, with the Byrdes (Laura Linney and Jason Bateman) as the main candidates. The 4×14 has resolved who have been the last to join the list of deceased of one of the most applauded Netflix series. Here is the number of casualties the final episode of ‘Ozarks’.



A good ending is one that leaves all the ends well tied. That is what happens with Omar Navarro (Félix Olís), because 4×14 is where Camila Elizondro (Verónica Falcón) is when, before taking charge of the family cartel, she decides to settle accounts and that means avenging the death of her son Javier (Alfonso Herrera).

The first thing was to get rid of her brother and Camila was very audacious to make it look like an accident. The woman ordered one of her henchmen to pose as a police officer, killing the driver of the vehicle that was taking Navarro to prison, thus killing Navarro and making it appear that he died trying to escape. With the character of Félix Solís out of it, Camila had one more target to shoot down.


Ruth almost got away with killing Javier, and she would have if the Byrdes hadn’t thrown one last party at the casino to celebrate the fact that they seemed to have gotten out of the cartel business. When everything seemed to be going well, with the couple leaving the reins of money laundering to Ruth and Rachel (Jordana Spiro), Camila’s final vendetta is conjured up.

She suspects that the couple knows more about the death of their son than they say and after discovering that her brother was not behind the murder, she does not hesitate to show up at the party ready to confess who killed her offspring. Although the pair are unmoved, Clare (Katrina Lenk), the CEO of Shaw Medical Solutions, blurts out, causing Ruth to be shot. Camila thus fulfills her revenge and remains the sole owner of the cartel.


Actually his death is not clear, but it is more evident. At the end of chapter 4 × 14, Steem breaks into the Byrde residence to steal a jar containing the remains of Ben (Tom Pelphrey). He believes that there is enough DNA in the jar to confirm that the remains are those of Wendy’s brother, which would prove that the couple knew that Ben was already dead.

However, just as she is about to leave, Jonah Byrde (Skylar Gaertner) appears with a shotgun pointed at Mel. The screen goes black and only a shot is heard, which leaves the question of whether the teenager has shot the detective, although everything points to yes.

Mel puts an end to the kill list. His death, if confirmed, means that the family is doomed to never escape their destiny of crimes, since Jonah has ended up committing a homicide, which makes him follow in his father’s footsteps, something he had already predicted. Ruth.

On the other hand, the Byrdes have managed to make it to the end of the series alive. Finally, nothing and no one could take away that feeling that they are “bulletproof”.

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Who lives and who dies at the end of Ozark?