Who left Big Brother after a tense elimination gala?

The fourth elimination gala of Big Brother (Telephone). After Tomás Holder, Martina Stewart Usher and Mora Jabornisky left the house, a new participant had to leave the most famous house in the country. The board consisted of Juan Reverdito, Daniela Celis, Agustín Guardis, Juan Ignacio “Nacho” Castañares and Walter “Alpha” Santiago.

After the production of the reality show determined that there had been a conspiracy, the votes of Juan, Lucila “La Tora” Villar and Juliana Díaz were eliminated. Later, after making reprehensible sexual comments to Coti Romero, one of his colleagues, Alfa went straight to the plate. In this sense, the last start of the contest was held, with a clear tension between Reverdito and Santiago which lasted until the last minute.

The first saved was Agustín, who broke the record for the fewest votes in reality, with 0.78%. Then, Nacho (3.27%) was saved, followed by Daniela’s turn (6.53%), who went viral due to her emotion upon hearing the expected news. Thus, the definition remained between Alpha and Juan, and the public decided to eliminate the taxi driver with 88.14%.

Before knowing that he was leaving, Juan spoke with Santiago del Moro and spared no negative words towards Alfa, with whom he never had a good relationship inside the house. “This plaque for me does not mean that if I stay I win, it means that society is throwing out a person who did bullying, who treated me in any way less than a person and treated one of the girls very badly. I am a father, I am a grandfather, so I go that way. I don’t care if I win today, what I saw and heard makes me very sad and very angry, ”he said.

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Who left Big Brother after a tense elimination gala?