June 10, 2021

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Who is ‘Medusa’? A journalist ‘abuses’ and leaks the supposed identity of the second international mask of ‘Mask Singer’

1622514104 Who is Medusa A journalist abuses and leaks the supposed

In every house there must be a brother-in-law, the same one who puts a tie on his head at weddings and who scolds you for not working in a public body (which charges more), to spoil that series, movie or reality that you are watching with all kinds of caution to live it to the fullest. On Twitter, its natural habitat, and in the journalism of the cancaneo it could not be different.

After the expectation generated by seeing the first international mask and Matrioshka (inside Menina was another mask, the face of La Toya Jackson) from the history of ‘Mask Singer’ Spain, all the fans who think we are the inspector ‘Gachet’ playing to find out the identity of the famous are eager to discover who is hiding behind Medusa, the other costume that has given its clues in perfect English that has made us discard Ana Botella, Anabel Pantoja, Aznar, Mario Vaquerizo and Rajoy, among others.

“Under the sea, under the sea … I am Medusa, with the most beautiful blues in the whole ocean and sweet and light like jelly. I have hundreds of tentacles, but don’t worry, they are harmless! Do you know why I wear sunglasses? It’s because I swim where I swim always shines as bright as a summer day, “said the Rastafarian animal (from his dreadlocks) of the sea with a distinctly Cincinnati accent.

Tracks by Medusa Mask Singer

It is clear that the editors of ‘Mask Singer’ They left the Medusa trail for last. Tired of looking for elaborate word games, this poor marine animal was left with a simple “I am very stubborn“as a hint-beginning to guess who is famous under this macabre disguise.

With this minimalist track it could be anyone, from Sonia Monroy (who insists on making us believe that he has had a career in Hollywood), which also fits his perfect Los Angeles English, to the talking head of ‘Art Attack’, who recently also participated in ‘The Island of Temptations’ (Diego James Lover). But I’m sorry to tell you that journalist Rocco Steinhäuser has brought us down from this fantasy.

The Rac1 announcer has been given the bite (of the jellyfish) to give some extra clues about who could be under this mask, taking advantage of the maximum of the very direct hints that you send to your ex when you meet him / her for the first time: being very very cheeky. “English, singer, she was in a very successful group and then she sang solo”, he wrote on his Twitter narrowing down the millions of possibilities there were to just five, the components of the ‘Spice Girls’.

Spice Girls Mask Singer

The gutting of Rocco to the mystery, to the unknown, this act of not putting on the little plastic of discretion, It has been highly criticized by the television channel’s Twitter channel, and it is that the one with the unpronounceable surname has gone further with its clues:

“Well, I have to admit that you are not on the wrong track, some of you have been right. Medusa is one of the components of the Spice Girls“Said the journalist, whom we have to thank for not revealing his ID, blood group, preference for drinking coffee alone or with milk and other details that he has not yet revealed.

Everything points to that, as happened with Menina, Medusa (the two ‘Me’s) could be unmasked tonight (May 31) for the unfeasibility of keeping an international star from such a cache on the payroll for more than one gala. Be careful what the journalist could have skidded ‘ as they did last year from another medium stating categorically that after ‘Unicorn’ he was Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

So all attentive because today we will leave doubts about whether Rocco Steinhäuser has contacts in the CIA that have revealed the best kept secret on TV or if on the contrary, as the presenter David Moreno has assured, we do not have to do “NEITHER CASE TO THE ALLEGED LEAKS on the marine beings of Mask singer“.