Who is Baby in ‘Mask Singer 3’, Dulceida or Claudia Molina?

‘Mask Singer: guess who sings’ broadcast its fourth installment on Wednesday May 31 on Antena 3 with the addition of two new skins to the season: Baby and Fairy. The first was part of the opening round of the night, against Gorilla and Sirena, at which point the first clues were released to uncover his identity.

Bebé, along with Arturo Valls in his debut in'Mask Singer 3'

Bebé, along with Arturo Valls in his debut in ‘Mask Singer 3’

Before debut on stage with the song “Forever Young” by Alphavillethe show aired the first round of clues from the contestant. “My family is the coolest in the world”assured the mask, whose members were “a lot”, although she was “the first baby in the house”a clue that the investigators attributed to the possibility that she was the oldest of her siblings.

In the video, she could be seen in a crib, surrounded by representatives of his family, who are “sometimes a little annoying”. “My mommy keeps telling me that I am very rebellious“, admitted the contestant, while she resisted eating, after which she added that she was “very playful and mischievous”, to the point that he had given “some scare” to his parents.

the first theories

With those clues, the researchers launched their first theories about Baby’s identity. In the case of Javier Ambrossi, the man from Madrid shared his deductions relating them to the clues, at which point, before giving the name that was on his mind, Mónica Naranjo confessed to having thought of the same person: Chábeli Iglesias, eldest daughter of Isabel Preysler and Julio Iglesias. However, Ana Obregón ruled out that possibility, since she claimed to know her well and not having recognized her voice. It was then that the presenter pointed to the possibility that it was Claudia Molinawhile Javier Calvo took another course and pointed to Dulceida.

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Who is Baby in ‘Mask Singer 3’, Dulceida or Claudia Molina?