Who are the 10 finalists of “Got Talent Uruguay” and when does the season end?

With the absence of Natalia Oreiro (present at the awards ceremony Condor in Buenos Aires) and the interim management of Noelia Etcheverry, Got Talent Uruguay presented the fifth, and last semifinal, of its 2022 edition. Etcheverry wished Oreiro good luck (who was competing for Iosi and Santa Evita, for which she ended up winning the best actress award) and introduced the fantastic four: the integrated jury by Claudia Fernández, María Noel Riccetto, Agustín Casanova and Orlando Petinatti.

The first issue of the night was Raíces del Perú. Led by the charismatic Javier, they made an Andean version of “Today I ask you on your knees” by Los Iracundos with the traditional carnival, “Huamaqueño”. The public applauded him. “I felt like I was in Cuzco,” Petinatti said. “You guys are so good that you got better with every performance.” All the jurors shared the enthusiasm.

followed Maximilian Galaschi, who performed, accompanied by four dancers, a choreography on the liberating power of art. The public greeted him with an ovation. “Very nice,” Riccetto told him, who highlighted his energy. Fernández, who stood up at the end of the performance, said that he had been “sublime.” For Petinatti, the dancers “overshadowed” his performance.

followed took who emboldened by him Golden button given to him by Facundo Arana, he delivered a renewed show with a full band that began with a Spanish version of Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds”, combined with a song he wrote. Petinatti compared him to Peter Gabriel, due to the energy that Tuk displays on stage.

They followed the cultists of the musical comedy of Full House, who arrived with the joint golden button of the four jurors and Oreiro. They did a medley of songs from Disney’s The Lion King. “It conveys a lot,” Riccetto told them. Fernández said she was “ecstatic” by what she saw.

The magician Leandro Furtado did a card trick on the table of the jurors who were surprised in the front row. The trick that included each of them was truly amazing and played with the idea of ​​the error of his previous presentation.

Stella Maris Santos brought tango to the last semifinal with a version of “El choclo”, a choice that Petinatti considers wrong. “I missed that suburb,” the jury told him. Casanova was kinder and praised her performance.

The last act of the night was Shaolin Chuan, a typical Chinese group that had shown a colorful and rarely seen routine with dragons. This time they did a martial arts demonstration. “Everything wonderful,” Fernández told them. “Showing discipline was the perfect end to the semifinals.”

After a round during which the public vote was closed. The four most voted were summoned to the stage: Maximiliano, Tuk, the magician Leandro Furtado and Full House. From there the chosen one of the public and the one of the jury had to leave to reach the final.

By popular decision, the finalist of the night was Full House and the jury was divided between Tuk (Petinatti), Maxi (Riccetto), Furtado (Casanova), leaving Fernández the decision of who was the tenth finalist. He chose Furtado, the magician.

Both join Back to the legend, Pink, Heorica tanguera, Los Sureños, Andres Cazeneuve, Camila Isa Machado, El Frank and Levantando Polvadera. The final will be on November 28 live from the Adela Reta Auditorium. Next Monday there will be a review of the season.

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Who are the 10 finalists of “Got Talent Uruguay” and when does the season end?