What will happen between Jamie and Lord John in the Outlander season 7 finale

Outlander returned to Starz after spending just over a year offscreen. Season 7 brought big changes to the Farser family and one of these will manifest itself at the end of the installment. David Berry confirmed what will happen between his character and Jamie as a result of the war.

Outlanderthe famous fantasy television adaptation of the broadcasting network Starz which tells the story of Claire and time travel, reappeared on fans’ screens on June 16 with new adventures for the character played by Caitriona Balfe and Jamie Fraser of sam heughan, the favorite couple of millions of viewers. (Season 7 spoilers).

They confirm that John Gray and Jamie Fraser will have a difficult time in the finale of season 7 of Outlander

Outlander season 7 finally arrived after the show was away from the screen for more than a year. The series found Jamie going to rescue Claire as she was being led to the gallows. In the new installment, fans will be able to watch the American Revolutionary War unfold and things will get even more difficult for the Frasers.

Throughout Outlander’s run, fans of the hit series have witnessed the close relationship between Lord John Gray (david berry) and Jamie, but in the season 7 finale, in the episode titled “The Happiest Place on Earth,” the old friends will be drawing a line. According to Berry, difficulties are looming between the two characters

The Revolutionary War will result in an intense situation between John Gray and Jamie Fraser. While fans long ago saw them on opposite sides during the Jacobite rebellion in Scotland, The new armed conflict taking place in the United States puts them back on different sides of the fight, something that Sam Heughan’s character tries to avoid, taking into account that his biological son, William (charles vandervaart), is immersed in the battle on behalf of the English.

Lord John Gray and Jamie Fraser could become enemies in Outlander season 7

In a new interview, David Berry indicates that Lord John and Jamie find themselves on opposite sides of the war in Outlander season 7, and despite the fact that they have done everything possible to maintain a healthy friendship, in the finale of the season 7 the situation becomes untenable for both.

“There’s going to be a fracture in their relationship to the point where it’s really going to test that love and that friendship, certainly for Lord John,” Berry continues. And as things progress, [verás] that the relationship deteriorates further to the point where they might become enemies, who knows? Said the actor.

“When they’re on different sides of the war, we can only hope they clash at some point,” Berry says plainly.

The fact of seeing Lord John Gray and Jamie Fraser becoming enemies will surely be a blow to Outlander fans, since in the middle of that line between the two characters is William, who still does not know that Sam Heughan’s character is his real father.

“Jamie and Lord John basically have to deal with this character of William in every scene and his secret,” confirms Berry. “And every time William comes into a scene, I say he’s a time bomb.”

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What will happen between Jamie and Lord John in the Outlander season 7 finale