What was the tragic ending that was written for ‘Chavo del 8’?

One of the most loved television shows in Latin America was’The boy of 8‘.

It was broadcast as an independent series on February 26, 1973 by ‘Canal 8’, from Mexico, and ended on January 7, 1980.

However, the end of the program it was not like you are used to seeing on television. Well, the last episode aired appeared in 1980 and was called ‘Doña Florinda’s Washing Machine’, an episode that does not end production.

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However, for many of the fans, the end of the program occurred with the song ‘Qué bonita neighborhood’, as it is a more appropriate closing for a program that marked the childhood of a large part of Latin Americans.

But was that the end?

Roberto Gómez Bolaños, ‘Chespirito’, at the time had thought of a much more tragic and felt ending to close the adventures of the beloved inhabitants of the neighborhood.

Chavo del Ocho

it was called ‘Doña Florinda’s washing machine’.

According to the website ‘Chespitiro.org’, Bolaños had planned that the kid died run over by a car while trying to save a child. Situation remarkably distant from the common adventures with which so many of us laughed during childhood.

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While the corpse Directly, the ideal was to record the other characters in the neighborhood crying and giving Chavo a final farewell.

With the latter, presumably, ‘Chespirito’ was trying to convey a love message to the nobility of the protagonist.

It was precisely the psychologist Graciela Gómez Fernández, daughter of ‘Chespirito’, who interceded so that this end was not aired. According to the website, she would have argued that it could cause an effect devastating among viewers, mainly children.

Moreover, the ‘death’ of Chavo by the attack of a vehicle became in the plot of one of the episodes, only in a key of grace: Chavo feigned injuries by smearing tomato sauce on his body and scaring more than one of the inhabitants of the neighborhood.

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Why is there no clear ending?

Today there are many questions regarding the end of the golden cycle of production.

One of the most commented reasons by the followers was the distancing they had Marie Antoinette of the Snows (the chilindrina) and Carlos Villagrán (Kiko), both from the main cast.

Roberto always, with that intelligence that characterizes him, wanted to leave the program at the top.

In fact, Ruben Aguirre (Professor Jirafales), stated in an interview, conducted in 2014, that the mess between the two actors was supposedly out of ambition:

“It is the ambition of money, taking advantage of a nook that the law sometimes has. She (Marie Antoinette) registered the character as if it were her property, it was a base. And Carlos speaks ill of Chespirito, he is ungrateful. I’m not saying praise him, but be quiet “he commented.

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On the other hand, he referred to the fact that ‘Chespirito’ never wanted to end the program because his popularity was declining.

“Roberto always, with that intelligence that characterizes him, wanted to leave the program at the top. All we would have done after that was go down. Every day that passed for the actors it was harder for us to play the role of children ”, concluded.

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Even many Internet users remember a chapter in which, from the school stage, Roberto Gómez Bolaños was seen ‘too old‘to be a child. It did not have the vitality of always, which is understandable considering that time passes even for the inhabitants of the ‘beautiful neighborhood’.


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