What to watch today on TV? Thursday, September 22, 2022

9.00 / AMC+

New return to the world of the dead

Service streaming AMC+ broadcasts tales of the walking dead, the new series of the growing Universe of The Walking Dead. East spin off is an anthology series made up of independent episodes focusing on different characters, both new and returning from the original series. Each hour-long episode has its own tone and point of view, with characters having to make life and death decisions. The production allows us to know the apocalypse through different perspectives, discovering more worlds, mythology and mysteries of the Universe The Walking Dead.

15.00 / Movistar Classics

‘A Night at the Opera’

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A night at the opera. United States, 1935 (85 minutes). Director: Sam Wood. Cast: Groucho, Chico and Harpo Marx.

Unforgettable Marx Brothers comedy set in the elegant world of opera and directed by a craftsman of Sam Wood’s caliber (For whom the Bell Tolls Y Goodbye, Mr. Chips). Various madness, impossible dialogues and some of the most memorable scenes in the great history of cinema – the one with the cabin full of people or Harpo hanging from the ropes behind the stage – give it the category of classic.

16.26 / AXN White


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United States, 1985 (130 minutes). Director: Lawrence Kasdan. Cast: Kevin Costner, Kevin Kline, Scott Glenn.

Four outsiders ride to the city of Silverado to confront the corrupt authority that rules there. With this argument starts an excellent western by Lawrence Kasdan (The accidental tourist Y Wyatt Earp), also producer and co-writer with his brother, who drank from the sources of the masterpieces of the genre without relying exclusively on that winking character for moviegoers, and forged much of his quality in some really successful performances.

18.15 / Movistar Drama

‘Ghost, beyond love’

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Ghost. United States, 1990 (118 minutes). Director: Jerry Zucker. Cast: Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, Toni Goldwin.

Tremendously popular film, born from the pen of Bruce Joel Rubin, author of the screenplay for, among others, jacob’s ladder, and directed by Jerry Zucker (Land as you can). Forces from beyond try to warn a young woman of the danger she is facing in this mix of drama, fantasy and comedy. One of Whoopi Goldberg’s best works.

19.35 / Movistarr Action

‘Captain Phillips’

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United States, 2013 (135 minutes). Director: Paul Greengrass. Cast: Tom Hanks, Barkhad Abdi, Barkhad Abdirahman.

Paul Greengrass returns to the postulates of two of his first feature films (Bloody Sunday and United 93) and turns a real event into a passionate visual story. The magnificent images in his film relive the 2009 odyssey of Captain Richard Phillips, captured hostage by a group of Somali pirates while commanding a cargo ship in the Indian Ocean. Greengrass fills the story with veracity thanks to a staging that overcomes challenges as complicated as maintaining an unusual tension for a good part of the footage in the narrow space of a closed raft.

19.50 / Movistar Premieres 2


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United States, 2012 (120 minutes). Director: Ben Affleck. Cast: Ben Affleck, John Goodman, Alan Arkin, Bryan Cranston.

Without a doubt, the best movie of 2012. Ben Affleck directs and stars in this intense thriller political, based on real events and set in the middle of the Iranian revolution (1979), which tells how a CIA specialist in special operations hatches a risky plan to get six American diplomats out of the country alive. Tense, intense and surprising.

20.40 / The 2

‘Attention works’ starts season in San Sebastian

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The San Sebastian Film Festival serves as the setting for the start of the new season, the eleventh, of attention works, Presented, one more year, by Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, it will feature the presence of Isaki Lacuesta, one of the most internationally valued Spanish directors, who is presenting a film in the Pearl Section, One Year, One Night. Double winner of the Golden Shell in San Sebastian in 2011 for the double steps and in 2018 for Between Two Waters, Lacuesta will also talk about his facet as a visual artist, recognized by the George Pompidou Center in Paris, which in 2018 dedicated a retrospective to him. The program has also approached her work at the Tabakalera International Center for Contemporary Culture, in San Sebastián, where her work is exhibited We Prohibit in Spain: Censorship, Prohibitions and Complaints in Democratic Spain (1977-2022). And without leaving Tabakalera, attention works will also visit the exhibition with the filmmaker Lur Olaizola The illusion of time of the Kutxa Foundation, which has brought together the best of the work of the American photographer and great film lover Ruth Orkin in an exhibition that can be visited until November 6.

21.45 / Antenna 3

Joaquín has fun in ‘El hormiguero’

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The Betis footballer, Joaquín Sánchez, a great friend of the program, closes the week in The anthill. With his usual sense of humor he presents his new project, with which he will soon debut on Antena 3 with his first project for television. Is about Joaquin, the rookie, a new program where the popular soccer player will approach the professions of the most famous faces in the country to learn the secrets of their work. Some of the guests who will chat with him are such renowned characters as Dabiz Muñoz, Pedro Duque, Pablo Motos, Mercedes Milá, Rosario Flores and Los Morancos.

22.00 / Movistar Premieres

‘On a dock in Normandy’

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Le Quai de Ouistreham. France, 2021 (106 minutes). Director: Emmanuel Carrere. Cast: Juliette Binoche, Didier Pupin, Emily Madeleine.

About the autobiographical novel by the French journalist Florence Aubenas, Ouistreham Quay, The also screenwriter and writer Emmanuel Carrère (Princess of Asturias Award for Letters 2021) designs an accurate social drama about labor exploitation. But without a doubt the great attraction of the function is the great role of the always enigmatic Juliette Binoche giving life to a renowned author who decides to write a book about job insecurity experiencing this reality first hand. Audience Award for the best European film at the last San Sebastian Festival.

22.00 / COSMO

third episode of Paris Police 1900′

What to watch today on TV Thursday September 22 2022

COSMO premieres the third installment of Paris Police 1900, series Inspired by the turbulent reality of Paris at the end of the 19th century and with the famous Dreyfus case as a backdrop. In this chapter Jouin has fallen in love with Jeanne, a highly qualified lawyer who, however, cannot practice because she is a woman. She is employed by Maître Weidmann in the Jewish quarter of La Villette and agrees to investigate the death of Joséphine Berger with the young inspector. Meanwhile, Meg entertains Madame Lépine, whose drug addiction has drawn the attention of Puybaraud, head of the criminal investigation department.

22.00 / Telecinco

Second elimination, in ‘Nightmare in Paradise’

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After the designation tonight through a game of the first nominee, four candidates chosen at random by Xavier Font, the current foreman, dispute a new test entitled The Fox to find out who becomes the second candidate for expulsion in Nightmare in Paradise. In turn, he must choose a third party, forming a new trio of candidates to leave the program. The nominees have to live under the difficult conditions of El Refugio until they move to El Consejo, a place that brings together all the participants to settle the second expulsion from the contest. In addition, Antonio, El Guardés, visits El Paraíso together with Lara Álvarez to assess the work carried out around the weekly task, whose objective was to rehabilitate an orchard.

22.30 / Neox


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Troy. United States, 2004 (156 minutes). Director: Wolfgang Petersen. Cast: Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom.

With a star-studded cast led by Brad Pitt and a generous budget, Wolfgang Petersen directed this new adaptation of an enduring classic: Homer’s Iliad. What sets it apart from previous versions is that it focuses, above all, on the more human side of the epic.

22.45 / Antenna 3

The outcome of ‘The Wife’ arrives

1663877548 235 What to watch today on TV Thursday September 22 2022

Antena 3 lives tonight the outcome of Wife, a historical drama set in 1960s Italy and starring Serena Rossi and Giorgio Marchesi. In this final chapter, the fire on the farm turns everyone’s life upside down. Maria refuses to accept any help, until she relents and is admitted to the hospital. After a long convalescence, the woman discovers terrible circumstances surrounding Paolino and his brother Giuseppe that show Antonio’s true intentions. María will fight for justice to be done and to recover her life.

22.50 / Four

Vladimir Putin, on the ‘Horizon’

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In this edition, Horizon will analyze Vladimir Putin’s announcement of an immediate partial military mobilization of the population in an escalation of the conflict with Ukraine and will address the discovery by the Ukrainian authorities of more than 440 bodies in a mass grave in Izium, a town in northeastern Ukraine recently recovered from Russian hands by local troops. Later, the program hosted by Iker Jiménez will focus on the most important diplomatic event in the world: the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York, from where the journalist Mamen Sala will offer the last hour.

0.15 / The 1

‘Blood Diamond’

1663877549 473 What to watch today on TV Thursday September 22 2022

Blood Diamond. United States, 2006 (137 minutes). Director: Edward Zwick. Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Connelly, Djimon Hounsou.

A smuggler (Leonado DiCaprio), a fisherman who buried a diamond while working as a slave (Djimon Hounsou) and a journalist (Jennifer Connelly) who is in Sierra Leone (in the midst of a terrible civil war) to find out the truth about the business of These precious stones are the protagonists of a very correct mixture of adventures, drama and social denunciation directed by Edward Zwick (The last Samurai). Oscar nominations for DiCaprio (lead) and Hounsou (cast).

0.30 / Hollywood


1663877549 614 What to watch today on TV Thursday September 22 2022

Cast away. United States, 2000 (132 minutes). Director: Robert Zemeckis. Cast: Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt, Nick Searcy.

Robert Zemeckis once again demonstrates that he knows how to handle himself in this type of story. As in Forrest Gump, it featured one of Hollywood’s superstars, the always blockbuster Tom Hanks (Oscar nominee), to bring to life a modern day Robinson Crusoe who has to survive on a desert island and face the emotional agony of loneliness. A story of strength and desire to excel that has the support of careful special effects and the devastating photography of Don Burgess.

1.30 / Neox

‘The Army of Darkness’

1663877550 709 What to watch today on TV Thursday September 22 2022

Army of darkness. United States 1993 (84 minutes). Director: Sam Raimi. Cast: Bruce Campbell Embeth Davidtz, Marcus Gilbert.

Something remains of the good results obtained by the first installment of the series that began with possessedn infernal. The one that concerns us is the third, both chronologically and because of its quality. Time travel, with clear references to Jason and the Argonauts, for a fantasy that lacks a few doses of imagination. It can be seen.

2.53 / Movistar San Sebastian Festival

‘7 Virgins’

1663877550 798 What to watch today on TV Thursday September 22 2022

Spain, 2005 (87 minutes). Director: Alberto Rodriguez. Interpreters: Juan José Ballesta, Jesús Carroza, Alba Rodríguez.

After making his solo debut in the world of feature films with Costume -previously he had performed with Santi Amodeo the attractive comedy The Pilgrim Factor Alberto Rodríguez directed this intense and moving drama that narrates the life of a teenager who is serving a sentence in a juvenile center and obtains a special 48-hour permit to attend his brother’s wedding. The person in charge of bringing this character to life is Juan José Ballesta, who was awarded the Silver Shell for best actor in San Sebastián.

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