What time does Lucifer season 6 premiere on Netflix in Latin America and Spain

MADRID, 9 Sep. (CulturaOcio) –

The sixth and final season of Lucifer comes to Netflix. The Tom Ellis-starring series originally ran for three seasons in Fox before being canceled and that the streaming service was resurrected to finally launch another three seasons, launching its last episodes this Friday, December 10. But… What time does the Lucifer season 6 and Netflix?

After the battle between heaven and hell to decide who would reign as the new God of the universe and the confrontation between Lucifer and his brother Michael, now the protagonist must deal with your new position, his new responsibilities and a rival who seeks to end him at all costs.

Regarding the hours of this Friday, September 10, the final ten chapters of Lucifer will be available on Netflix from 9 in the morning in Spain. France, Italy, Germany or SwedenBy sharing the same time zone, you will also see at this time the last season of the series created by Tom Kapinos. Nevertheless, in other Spanish-speaking countries, the launch will have another schedule.

The followers of the wanderings of Lucifer morningstar residing in Mexico new episodes will be available starting at two o’cloc after midnight, according to the time zone of the Central Zone.

Also at two o’clock, It will be when the end of the adventures of the charismatic Lord of the Hells starts with its five new chapters for the resident public in Peru, Ecuador, Panama O Colombia.

An hour before, at 1:00 in the morning Wednesday’s new season of Lucifer will arrive on Netflix at El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala O Nicaragua.

For those viewers who are in Venezuela, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the eastern United States, the last 10 chapters of the series will be available on the streaming service from the 03:00 hours.

For their part, those who want to say goodbye to Lucifer and live in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil (Brasilia and Sao Paulo time) will be able to see the sixth installment of the Netflix series from four in the morning.

At midnight will be when the spectators of the western United States will have available the last season of Lucifer and at 08:00 hours Wednesday will be when the series rescued by Netflix premieres its new installments in the Canary Islands, United Kingdom and Portugal.

Article: Soure