What series to watch this weekend on Netflix, HBO Max and Apple TV +: an end of the world, one of love and a mysterious future

We are already in the second weekend of November. It’s cold and raining outside. For this reason, here we leave you the most anticipated releases of the weekend, because now it is a pleasure to stay at home and disconnect from a hard week of work.

It’s Friday, synonymous with series Y TV. It means that the work is done and that we have two full days ahead of us to disconnect, rest and enjoy. Netflix either HBO they are your friends, but so are Disney+ Y filming. Today we have AppleTV+ and no Prime Video.

For this reason, today we bring you a series of special recommendations: the best series to watch this weekend. That is, we do the dirty work of filtering the rubbish and giving you the caviar.

For this one weekend of November 11, 12 and 13, 2022 we bring you a series of very different recommendations, all corresponding to a different platform, so that everyone can enjoy at least one. Hold on to the television that curves are coming.

The series are: The apocalypses of the past, from Netflix; The Winchesters, from HBO Max; and Switches, from Apple TV+. We sincerely believe that you will like them.

Disney+ continues to release news, such as its STAR channel. If you sign up for the annual subscription, you will save the equivalent of two months compared to the monthly subscription.


The apocalypses of the past

Journalist Graham Hancock travels the world searching for evidence of the existence of mysterious lost civilizations dating back to the last Ice Age.

This docuseries explores the possibility of an extreme weather event that could have wiped a sophisticated human civilization off the face of the earth. Although it adds a bit of fantasy to fit the pieces together, the truth is that it is a good serial documentary. Worth. It’s in Netflix.

  • Title: The apocalypses of the past
  • Release date: 2022
  • Duration: 35 minute episodes
  • Platform: Netflix

The Winchesters

The series centers on Dean and Sam Winchester’s parents, John and Mary, and is described as “the epic, untold love story of how John met Mary and how they risked everything to not only save their love, but the entire world.” “.

It is a spin-off, as you may have already noticed, since we are talking about the prequel to the Supernatural series., one of the best series of the fantastic genre of the last decade. It has just been released in HBO Maxso you already know.

  • Title: The Winchesters
  • Release date: 2022
  • Duration: 40 minute episodes
  • Platform: HBO Max


Futuristic live-action series that addresses children’s issues through the lens of science fiction. Not everything is what it seems, and their curiosity leads our protagonists to chaos.

The series has an anthology structure, with each episode featuring different characters, story, and settings. We found it really interesting.

  • Title: switches
  • Release date: 2022
  • Duration: 27-minute episodes
  • Platform: AppleTV+

Here you have the best series of the weekend, it’s time to enjoy them watching the TV.

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What series to watch this weekend on Netflix, HBO Max and Apple TV +: an end of the world, one of love and a mysterious future