June 12, 2021

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What Marcela Tinayre said about the possible exit of Juana Viale from Mirtha Legrand’s program

What Marcela Tinayre said about the possible exit of Juana

The family Tinayre – Legrand is maintained for these hours in a wave of rumors, due to the information that emerged yesterday about the possible resignation of Juana Viale driving “Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand”, where he has replaced his grandmother since last year due to the pandemic.

In the last hours, the word of Marcela tinayre, mother of Juanita and daughter of Mirtha, after having revealed that she could be the possible replacement for the young woman host in upcoming shows.

The conductor of the cycle “The Blondes” talked with “Intruders”, on America, and noted that for the moment “nothing is true. It’s the first time I hear it”.

“I was with Juana yesterday (on Sunday) until very late. It does not resign. And no, nobody proposed anything to me, “Marcela completed regarding the information that was circulating.

However, the woman indicated that “I just finished a meeting, with people in my house “, which caught the attention of the show program hosts and for which they assured that, indeed, there are some conversations in the private sphere of the Legrand family.

Since Sunday night, rumors circulate around Juanita Viale placeholder image, who would have threatened to give up driving on Saturdays and Sundays at the head of “Having lunch”, after the harsh criticism received for his interview with the former president Mauricio Macri.

However, sources close to the Legrands pointed out that the anger of the young actress and host is also linked to the rating of the issue, that the weekend lost again against “We can talk”, which leads Andy Kusnetzoff at Telefé Saturday nights.

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