What is known about the departure of Patrick John Flueger from Chicago PD with season 10

The fate of Adam Ruzek, Patrick John Flueger’s character on Chicago PD, was thrown into question with the season 10 finale of the NBC drama. After the unexpected event that left him between life and death, fans believe that the actor could leave the series. This is what is known so far.

Chicago P.D. had its long-awaited season finale centered on the character of Patrick John Flueger, Adam Ruzek, who was trying to stop a domestic terrorist attack. Ruzek went undercover to help take down drug lord and white supremacist Richard Beck, and his efforts came to a head in this episode that left fans of the series in suspense.

Adam Ruzek is one of Chicago PD’s most beloved characters

For Adam Ruzek, being around a racist like Beck was no easy matter, and the Chicago PD case began to take its toll on him. However, having Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciaty) and Makayla in mind were helping him stay sane and stay on his feet pursuing his main objective.

Sadly, Adam Ruzek lost his main support when Samantha threatened to leave town with her son Cal, which turned out to be a major turning point in the Chicago PD case. Although Voight (Jason Bege), he got full immunity for Samantha and Cal, in exchange for their cooperation, things didn’t go as expected and Ruzek ended up getting hurt.

And that shot came from the one who least expected it, Callum, who had been poisoned for years by his grandfather. At the Chicago PD season 10 finale, fans watch as Samantha chooses to save her son and leaves Adam Ruzek bleeding on the floor. Although the cop is admitted to Chicago Med just in time, his status is on hold until the show returns for its 11th season, presumably in the fall.

Adam Ruzek’s life in danger in Chicago PD

Adam Ruzek probably has more drive than ever to get home safely now that he’s back with Kim Burgess. Ahead of the Chicago PD season 10 finale, the two rekindled their on-again, off-again romance, and fans are very keen for the couple to move on..

While speaking with NBC Insider, Patrick John Flueger dropped another hint that his character isn’t going anywhere. He lightly discussed the future of his character with Burgess and how he hopes they don’t break up again. “[Marina y yo] We’ve definitely told the writers not to hear from us again, although we honestly don’t know if they’re going to listen to us.”

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What is known about the departure of Patrick John Flueger from Chicago PD with season 10