What is HBO Max and when will it arrive in Spain?

Netflix, Disney +, HBO, Movistar +, Amazon Prime Video, Starzplay, Atresmedia player, Rakuten TV, Filmin … More and more streaming platforms are at our fingertips and more are arriving, such as HBO Max.

This new streaming platform does not stop ringing and we want you to know it all about HBO Max, which will soon arrive in Spain.

What is HBO Max

HBO Max is in the words of our Espinof experts “Warner Media’s streaming mega platform”. It is currently active in the United States, it has been since May of last year, and the forecast is that it will soon arrive in Europe.

What can we see on HBO Max

Not only can we see the current content of HBO Spain with series such as Friends, The Handmaid’s Tale or Mare of Easttown, but also content from HBO Max itself will be enjoyed as the new Batman animated series that has been announced or recently, the series Garcia!, the spin-off of Game of Thrones or the new Gossip girl.

Spin Off Game Of Thrones

Also in the catalog there is content from all television channels and platforms that are owned by Warner, like Cartoon Network, TNT, [Adult Swim], The CW or DC Universe among others, and also content from film production companies such as New Line Cinema and Warner. So when it arrives we will be able to see from Harry Potter to the new Tom Holland and Zendaya movie.

That is, it will be a platform where you can find HBO and everything else that Warner has: more movies, more series and more documentaries.

When does it arrive in Spain

The forecast is for it to be the second half of 2021, but there is no exact date yet for your arrival. The idea is that at that moment stop being HBO Spain and become HBO Max, so current HBO Spain users will wake up one day with the change already made.

How much will HBO Max cost in Spain

In the United States, which has linear cable service and HBO Now, the arrival of HBO Max has not changed the price. In Spain we only have the HBO Spain application, which costs 8.99 euros per month, and with HBO Max let’s say we will have that app and one more, like what Disney + did when it added Star to its catalog.

Subscribe to HBO Spain for only € 8.99 per month and enjoy all its series, films and documentaries.

Subscribe to HBO Spain for only € 8.99 per month and enjoy all its series, films and documentaries.

As we are informed in Engadget, a new possibility has been enabled in HBO Max subscriptions, which allows you to pay less in exchange for watching some ads. They will be placed at the beginning and end of the films and also between the chapters of the series, although not in all the content of the platform.

We still do not know what the price will be in Spain, but we hope they will be benevolent and do as in the US: more content for the same price.

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