What happened to ‘Yositoko’, after he left Caracol, and what does he do today

Several years the Korean left Colombia, but his name sounded again in the country in May 2021, when it became popular how it looks today.

Later, many were also interested in knowing what happened to his life. So, Pulzo contacted ‘Yositoko’ and she told what she has been doing since she left Caracol and the national territory.

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She is no longer dedicated to television, but she would like to be her daughter’s manager. After leaving the channel, he was working in a well-known car brand, but Today their plans are different and include a business in which more than one would buy and which includes headquarters in Colombia, as can be heard in the following video with the interview of this medium with Vivi Kim:

What happened to ‘Yositoko’, after she left snail?

This famous woman assured Pulzo, as can be seen in the recording of this note, that after ‘Do re millions’ She went to work at Hyundai, as a translator, as it should be remembered that she knows several languages, Korean, Mandarin, English and Spanish.

In that place, as he confessed, he not only had the opportunity to work, but to meet the love of your life, who was your boss and is an engineer.

Later, He related that he left for his native Korea, but that is not where he is currentlyThen, because of her husband’s work, she had to go to Malaysia for a year and a half, and they immediately decided to leave for the United States.

Today, the remembered Korean from the music program of Snail Television lives in Los Angeles. There she has lived for two and a half years, with her husband and daughter; They do not have pets, although she would like one.

Deal of ‘Yositoko’ in Colombia

In the video call with this medium, he assured that he is currently out of workBecause of the pandemic, he prefers to stay at home. From there, he studies a master’s degree in business and administration, which ends until 2022.

When After completing his master’s degree, he will look for a job, but at the same time he does not rule out starting his own clothing, handbag or makeup business. This last option of products is one of the ones that most attracts her attention, she told Pulzo in the video, because she knows that she can offer some of good quality in Latin American countries, including Colombia, since when she lived in the national territory noticed there weren’t such great deals in that field versus price.

Will ‘Yositoko’ return to television?

Although the subject still likes, now he does not see that possibility so closeespecially because he hinted that he no longer feels he is old enough to do so.

What he did confess is that She does not rule out being her daughter’s manager, because the girl is as versatile as she is and, among other things, she wants to be a model, singer or dancer, the famous woman pointed out in the interview.