What Happened to Raymond Reddington and the Task Force in The Blacklist Finale

The Blacklist said goodbye to fans Thursday with the conclusion of season 10. The NBC series that for a decade focused on Raymond Reddington said goodbye to one of the world’s most dangerous criminals who evaded authorities countless numbers. times.

The Blacklist It ended after a decade on the screen full of mysteries, betrayals and deaths. Since it premiered in 2013, millions of fans have had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the character behind James Spader, Raymond Reddington, the high-profile criminal who became an informant for the FBI Task Force in order to be redeemed by helping capture his former associates. (Spoilers for the end of The Blacklist)

The Blacklist concluded with episode 22 on NBC

The long-running hit series premiered on the broadcast network nbc 10 years ago and concluded on Thursday, July 13 with a two-hour finale as planned. Episode 21 found Raymond Reddington on the run from members of the FBI Task Force, the same special agents he worked closely with over the years.

Once again, Raymond Reddington managed to evade the authorities during the finale of The Blacklist. The Task Force was lobbied by Congressman Arthur Hudson, who for political gain set out to capture one of the world’s most dangerous men. However, things did not go as he expected, as the agents did not really want to track him down, given his loyalty to the man who helped them put many of their most wanted criminals incarcerated.

In last week’s episode, the Task Force finally decided to go after Raymond Reddington, but his former bodyguard Dembe Zuma helped him escape as he was about to be placed on his plane. During the finale of The Blacklist, Dembe took responsibility for his failure when he was discovered by Congressman Hudson. And while he was being taken along with Donald Ressler for questioning by the FBI, Red and his men intercepted the vehicles causing an accident and leaving Hudson disoriented.

In The Blacklist finale, Raymond Reddington died after being rammed by a bull

A frightened Hudson shot Dembe in the neck and Raymond Reddington’s response was to put a bullet through the congressman’s head. Fans witnessed a moment of chaos and heartbreak, but James Spader’s character continued on the run from the FBI. In the end it was discovered that he had flown to Villa Lobo in Andalusia, Spain, where a friend named Ángela took him in and helped him recover.

In the final moments of The Blacklist, Raymond Reddington visited the market and Andalusia’s famed Miura cattle ranch, and took a long walk to the ranch the next morning. After walking for a long time, he turned to find a bull snorting, salivating and staring at him from several meters away. James Spader’s character walked fearlessly towards the beast and after exchanging glances, the bull began to run directly towards him until it charged him and left him dead. Later, Ressler arrived by helicopter at the ranch only to find his body lying in the grass.

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What Happened to Raymond Reddington and the Task Force in The Blacklist Finale