What happened to Alejandro Asensi, the controversial ex-manager of Luis Miguel?

Throughout its trajectory, Luis Miguel He has had people of great importance around him, people who were part not only of his work life, but also his personal life, and who created a circle of trust around him, standing out among them. Alejandro Asensi, who in addition to leading his artistic career for more than 10 years, managing to take it to levels of international fame never seen before, also became one of his best friends since childhood. However, the relationship between the two had a very bad end and for many years they have not spoken.

Although Alejandro Asensi contributed a lot, along with Aracely Arambula, what for Luis Miguel acknowledge his paternity with Michelle Salas and, consequently, they had a good family relationship, it was not enough for the interpreter of ‘Oro de ley’ to see with good eyes what (according to what they say) would happen between them some time later.

NEW YORK CITY, NY - SEPTEMBER 6: (LR) Alejandro Asensi, Sarah Cohen and Diego Finkelstein attend Fourth Annual FASHION ROCKS After Party at the legendary RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL presented by the CONDE NAST MEDIA GROUP at Radio City Music Hall on September 6, 2007 in New York City. (Photo by PATRICK MCMULLAN / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Alejandro Asensi, Sarah Cohen and Diego Finkelstein in 2007. (Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

After Luis Miguel Y Michelle Salas began to establish a better relationship, the artist asked his daughter to move with him to the city of Los Angeles, a decision that resulted in a closer relationship between the two, especially when Aracely learned that she was pregnant and, in a sense, this allegedly influenced so that the singer and his eldest daughter will smooth the rough edges left by their abandonment.

At that time the rumor spread that Michelle Salas Y Alejandro Asensi had a secret romance, since they were captured in different appointments and places where they were. Supposedly, this caused “El Sol” to get angry with his then manager, even though they both had a great friendship of several years (his parents were friends in the 70s), because Luis Miguel, who had never before in his life taken care of of the daughter he had with Stephanie SalasShe suddenly decided that this was an “inappropriate relationship.”

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By ending their friendship and work bond, the relationship between Asensi and Galician Basteri cooled down, and despite some attempts to get it afloat, currently the agent and Luis Miguel they still don’t make contact. (Shortly after a rift between father and daughter and also still no reconciliation in sight).

But was this the real reason why Luis Miguel fired Asensi?

In the series it has been presented as a subplot, an alleged millionaire fraud, in which Asensi and some other associates were possibly involved.

As recounted in the book “Luis Miguel, the story: the truth about the life of the most successful Mexican singer of all time “, written by the official biographer of “El Sol”, Javier León Herrera, He related that it was Hugo López himself who made him fraud. It was in the year 2000 (not in 2006, as the series says), When the singer wanted to start the vineyard project, an audit of his assets was carried out and it was discovered that the Argentine had put properties in his name taking advantage of the trust and affection that “Micky” felt for him —And that Asensi had been an accessory to this embezzlement.

Neither in the series nor in the book it is said how much was the amount that was stolen the most listened to Mexican singer in the world but according to various media, it is to be expected that it was a millionaire figure in dollars, however, there was never evidence that he was guilty and he was never legally proceeded against.

After his break with Luis Miguel, Asensi retired to Miami and Buenos Aires, where he has residences and remained dedicated to the world of entertainment, no longer as a manager but as a businessman and producer, although the mark he left can never be erased. as one of the most relevant figures in the life of the famous singer, despite the fact that the bond that united them no longer exists.


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